HPI RTR Savage Flux 2350

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New from HPI:

The Savage Flux 2350 - Brushless Power Optimized for 4S Batteries!

The Savage Flux 2350 takes the basher-proven features of the Savage Flux HP and optimizes the performance for the popular 4S LiPo battery configuration. The result is faster speeds on 4S at a price significantly lower than the Savage Flux HP. Not only is the Savage Flux 2350 faster than the Savage Flux HP on 4S, it's also faster than the fastest nitro Savage!

Easy plug-and-go convenience is the hallmark of electric RC vehicles like the Savage Flux 2350. Just plug in two matching battery packs and you are off and running! The Savage Flux 2350 is clean, quiet, easy to use, and blistering fast!

The Savage Flux 2350 is equipped with tough option parts to help it handle the power of the Flux Alphastar motor. We've equipped it with an all-metal gear transmission, steel spur gear, super heavy-duty dogbones, machine cut diff gears, 2.5mm TVP chassis plates, 3mm 7075 motor plate and dual 8mm billet motor clamps!

The Savage Flux 2350 is based on the proven Savage X chassis, and features a low-mounted Flux Alphastar 2350Kv motor in place of the big-block nitro engine, a powerful Flux Q-base reversible electronic speed control in place of the fuel tank, and twin battery boxes to hold either twin 6-cell NiMH batteries, or twin 2S LiPo batteries for 14.8 volts of power.

Proven features from the Savage X are carried over, including the tough all-metal gear drivetrain, powerful SF-5 metal-gear servo, machine-cut diff gears and legendary Savage suspension parts for extreme durability! The lighter weight of the Savage Flux 2350 allows us to use one BIG BORE shock absorber on each corner for excellent control and traction on any surface.

The Savage Flux 2350 is loaded with new and exciting features, read on to find out more!

The centerpiece of the Savage Flux 2350 is the Flux Brushless system, consisting of the Alphastar 2350 motor and Q-base electronic speed control - both impressive in their own right, but together they form an unstoppable power force!

The Flux Alphastar 2350 features a 5mm motor shaft it can fit optional pinion gears so you can gear it up for high speed runs, or gear it down a bit for increased acceleration on the track. The Alphastar 2350 is mounted to the 3mm 7075 aluminum motor plate with two 8mm billet machined aluminum clamps so it won't move or shift under the immense amount of torque of the brushless motor.

Controlling the brushless motor is the Flux Q-base electronic speed control. With the ability to handle twin 2S LiPo batteries (that's 14.8 volts of LiPo power!) it can deal with anything the Alphastar 2350 motor can dish out! 4mm bullet connectors secure the motor wires for loss-free connection to the 13-gauge wires, and to connect to each battery pack we've attached real Deans® connectors for zero power loss and total efficiency. We figured why re-invent the wheel and release our own connector when the best is already available? Topping off the versatility of the Flux Q-base is an integrated cooling fan, which allows the electronic speed control to operate at its ideal temperature.

Finally, you have the ability to easily connect it to your computer for total programming control! With our #100573 USB Programming Kit you can connect the Q-base to any Windows-based PC to control all the various facets of its power delivery, braking, throttle curves, battery cut-off and much more. You can also save various profiles to have profiles for racing, insane speed runs, stunts, fun running and more.

With the Flux Alphastar 2350 and Q-base combo, you get power optimized for 4S LiPo batteries, with custom tuning thrown in for fun! You'll have to experience it to believe it!

The Savage Flux 2350 is loaded with features that make it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a massively fun, plug-and-go monster truck! Check out the long list of parts and custom features that are standard on the Savage Flux 2350!

Tough TVP Chassis

The chassis for the Savage Flux 2350 is very similar to the nitro-powered Savage that we all know and love - the backbone consists of the TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) design, formed from two 2.5mm aluminum plates, with the diff cases at either end providing significant stiffness and the transmission casing and motor plate forming load-bearing members of the structure.

Extra-Low CG

The Flux Alphastar 2350 motor sits extremely low in the chassis, providing as low a center of gravity (CG) as possible, and the twin battery packs ride on the outside of the TVP chassis for easy access. The low CG gives you extra control and cornering ability, allowing you to rule the corners on the track and pull off spectacular stunts to impress and wow your friends!

Twin Battery Power

Brushless motors like the Flux Alphastar 2350 are already super powerful with just one battery compared to their older brushed ancestors, so you can imagine what two battery packs will be able to provide! The Savage Flux HP can take up to 12 NiMH cells (twin 6-cell packs), or 2 LiPo packs of 2S 7.4v construction. The battery boxes feature vents to keep the batteries cool, and we suggest using official Deans® zero-loss battery plugs.

Flux Alphastar 2350 Motor

The Flux Alphastar 2350 motor was selected specifically for its ability to optimize the performance of standard 4S LiPo batteries. It delivers hordes of power - plenty of juice for instant wheelies and standing backflips! The Alphastar 2350 is held in place with 2 machined 8mm billet aluminum motor clamps secured to the 3mm 7075 alloy motor mount to prevent it moving once the gear mesh is set. Option pinion gears are available to fine-tune the speed and torque delivery! The brushless design assures maximum performance with nearly no maintenance required.

Flux Q-base ESC

With the capacity to handle 4S LiPo power and 12 NiMH cells, the Flux Q-base electronic speed control can take anything you can possibly throw at it and keep coming back for more! Fully programmable with our #100573 USB Programming Kit and fitted with fat 6mm bullet connectors, the Q-base delivers power to the Alphastar 2350 motor in massive gulps of voltage while the integrated cooling fan keeps everything at a reasonable operating temperature. The Flux Q-base ESC is reversible so you can back out of jams with ease.

All-Metal Transmission Gears

The Savage Flux 2350 features all-metal transmission gears to make sure that power delivery is uninterrupted and every jolt of power gets from the motor to the tires efficiently and with no worry of damage to the gears. The whole drivetrain runs on rubber-sealed ball bearings for optimal efficiency, for extra-long runtimes and mega-fast top speeds!

XL Tough Suspension

The Savage Flux 2350 features the uprights designed for the larger tires and weight of the Savage XL, giving you the assurance that you'll be able to deal out the same abuse that all the other nitro-powered Savage trucks can handle! Beefy parts mean the Savage Flux 2350 can take the abuse and punishment of extreme off-road driving.

Machined Diff Gears

Equipped with #102246 Machined Super Heavy Duty Bevel Gears, you can be sure that the diffs of the Savage Flux HP will last for a long time, taking the punishment of the Flux Alphastar 2350 motor! The entire drivetrain can be upgraded with all the option parts available to nitro Savage owners, letting you upgrade and bulletproof your truck as desired.

Thick Super Heavy-Duty Dogbones

Extra-thick, super duty dogbones provide the durability you'll want when you take the Savage Flux 2350 into rough country! The thick diameter and larger ends add up to a drivetrain that won't let you down when the going gets tough! You'll be able to commit the full power of the Alphastar 2350 motor to the ground without worrying about drivetrain damage!

Machined Steel Spur Gear

A machined steel spur gear is the perfect match for the power of the Alphastar 2350 motor. The pinion gear spins on a 5mm motor shaft and optional pinion gears will be available after the Savage Flux 2350 is launched. With the all-metal drivetrain running from the motor to transmission, and from the gearbox to the diffs, you get a huge amount of drivetrain protection with gears that won't strip, melt or break! You'll have security and peace of mind that your truck will not only perform superbly, but last as long as possible in the roughest of terrain and conditions!

Big Bore Nylon Shocks

Four huge Big Bore shocks give the suspension action you need to get out and blast through the roughest of tracks or off-road terrain. With slick nylon bodies they are lightweight and strong, with almost no 'stiction' between the shock piston and shock body. The extra-large capacity gives you extra control and damping action so you have the driving feel that makes off-road driving so much fun!

SF-5 High Torque Metal Gear Steering Servo

HPI designers chose a super-strong, extra-tough high torque metal gear servo. With nearly 9kg of force per centimeter (that's 126psi!), the SF-5 will get the GT-2 tires turning easily at any speed! There's no need to upgrade the servo - this baby's got it all! With the bellcrank steering and built-in servo saver, you can be sure that the SF-5 will be fully protected against crash damage!

Savage Wheelie Bar Included

The #85245 wheelie bar is included as standard, ready for you to bolt on in case you want to pull impressive wheelies to wow your friends. Want to pull off jaw-dropping standing backflips without a ramp? Leave the wheelie bar off, we don't mind - just be prepared for your friends to ask for the controller! It's OK if you say no and tell them to get their own, though!

All-Terrain Tires

With the aggressive tread of the GT-2 tires, you can go off-road to on-road with predictable handling. The center tread lines give you stability on paved surfaces while the blocky tread pattern and heavy-duty sidewall teeth provide grip for off-road terrain like dirt, mud, muck, leaves.

GT-2 Body with Blue Flame Paint Scheme

To give the sleek GT-2 body a new look we've wrapped it with a "blue flame" paint scheme, completely trimmed and mounted with decals applied.

RTR - Performance Straight From the Box

HPI makes it as easy as possible to get into RC off-road action. The Savage Flux 2350 is completely pre-built and ready to go right out of the box! Everything is assembled and tuned for you by professionals - diffs, shocks, suspension and more are perfect before you even open the package. And with many of the top Savage options already installed, you don't have to do a thing to get going fast!

HPI Ready-To-Run vehicles bring you the same high performance and quality that you'd expect from a high end RC kit but with the added convenience of being factory pre-assembled to the highest standards - giving you a high performance RC truck straight from the box!

HPI RTR cars and trucks are 98% factory assembled - they come Ready-To-Run and equipped with all the radio gear required. Just a few steps are needed to get your car up and running, such as adding the batteries to the transmitter and charging up your choice of batteries to fit in the truck!

Full Assembly Instructions and HPI RC Cars DVD

As with all HPI cars and trucks, you get a full, in depth instruction manual with step by step instructions that allow you to easily disassemble and reassemble your monster truck for maintenance and easy servicing.

The information on the HPI RC Cars DVD provides a complete and detailed introduction to the fascinating world of RC cars and trucks. This DVD will show you how to get the best performance from your HPI RC vehicle. The HPI RC Car DVD is your personal RC car expert in a box!

High Quality Radio Gear

The reliable and sturdy HPI TF-3 radio controls the Savage Flux 2350, giving you superb control in a well-designed pistol-grip radio! The steering wheel design makes you feel as if you're actually driving the truck, and the trigger-style throttle and brake controls provide you with finger-sensitive action when accelerating and stopping! The radio transmitter features interchangeable frequency crystals so you can drive with your friends, servo reverse switches, a retractable aerial with sliding cover, easy access to radio adjustments and simple AA battery replacement.

The RF-6 2-channel receiver takes the commands from the transmitter and transfers them reliably to the Flux Q-base ESC and the steering servo. Taking care of the steering duties for the Savage Flux 2350 is the tough metal-gear HPI SF-5 high-torque servo, which has plenty of grunt to turn the front wheels at low and high speeds, in any sort of terrain. A truck this size needs the power and torque of a strong servo, and the SF-5 is just the ticket, providing 8.9kg/cm2 at 6 volts (that's 126 psi!) of power.

The HPI TF-3 radio gives you long-range and reliable communication with your truck. Finally, if you ever want to upgrade your electronics you'll find it extremely easy, because all of the electronics are standard-size RC components with standard connectors. Any of the components can be upgraded or replaced whenever you like, or even moved into a different RC vehicle in the future.

Comes fully assembled with Flux Alphastar 2350 motor, Flux Q-base electronic speed control, HPI TF-3 radio system, SF-5 high torque metal gear steering servo, and painted & trimmed body. Also contains detailed instruction manual and HPI RC Cars DVD.

Note: The battery packs required for the truck are two 6-cell NiMH packs or two 2S 7.4V LiPo batteries plus applicable charger. Batteries must be the same type, voltage and capacity. The minimum rating is 25C for LiPo packs. For 6 Cell NiMH packs we recommend a minimum of 4000mAh cells and soldered packs only, no welded tabs.

#104493 RTR SAVAGE FLUX 2350 WITH GT-2 TRUCK BODY $889.00

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Caliber’s step-pin durability collides with small pin traction to bring you the ultimate track tire, now available in Pro-Line’s M4 (Super Soft) compound A la Carte (no foam).

Tire Features:

  • Dual-stage pin design for exceptional tread life
  • Small top pin for light to heavy loose dirt
  • Base pin extraordinary on hard-packed/blue-groove surfaces
  • Square-lug technology throughout the tread design
  • Directional tread for two different handling characteristics: Y forward (sidewall marked with an arrow) = more forward bite and better wear. Y in reverse = better in loamier/wet conditions.
  • Internal carcass ribbing for reduced tire expansion under acceleration
  • M4 (Super Soft) compound for extra traction in the toughest of conditions
  • Super true and balanced finish
  • Made in the USA

What’s included:

  • Caliber 1:8 Buggy tires M4 (Super Soft) (2 pcs)
  • Pro-Line decal


Trencher 3.8″ (40 Series) All Terrain Tires

Leave a mark with your Monster Truck wherever you are with Pro-Line’s Trencher tires. The Trencher tires are designed to give your MT optimal traction on just about any surface. Super cool horizontal H shaped treads give your MT ridiculous amounts of forward bite. With tread height at ¼” tall, you’ll find that durability and longevity are second to none.


  • Horizontal H shaped tread for ridiculous amounts of and side-to-side stability
  • Oversized and nearly ¼” tall tread are second-to-none in durability and longevity
  • For use with 3.8″ (40 Series) Monster Truck Wheels
  • Increased sidewall thickness to resist tearing at the bead
  • Extremely detailed sidewall design for that tough off-road look
  • Official Pro-Line logo embossed on sidewall of tire
  • Tire made 100% in the USA

What’s Included:

  • Trencher tire (2 pcs)
  • Foam inserts (2 pcs)


 Chevy Silverado 1500 Clear Body for Blitz

Chevy® race fans get ready to go thrashing through your off-road terrain with your HPI Blitz and Pro-Line’s Chevy® Silverado™ race body.


  • Bold off-road Short Course (SC) styling
  • Extremely pronounced fenders for an attack-like stance
  • Exceptional detail and style
  • Made with Crystal Clear Genuine GE Lexan
  • Four step to Race Ready:
    1.) Clean Body and apply included window mask
    2.) Paint then peel the over-spray film off
    3.) Sticker your body (decal sheet included)
    4.) Mount your new Chevy® Silverado™ onto your Blitz
  • Made in the USA

What’s Included:

  • Clear Chevy® Silverado™ 1500 Body
  • Window mask
  • Decal sheet


Hole Shot M4 (Super Soft) Off-Road 1:8 Buggy Tires No Foam

The Hole Shot is renowned across the world as one of the most used race tires of all time, now available in Pro-Line’s M4 (Super Soft) compound A la Carte (no foam).

Tire Features:

  • World Champion winning design
  • Pro-Line square-lug technology
  • M4 (Super Soft) compound for extra traction in the toughest of conditions
  • Super true and balanced finish
  • Made in the USA

What’s included:

  • Hole Shot tires M4 (Super Soft) (2 pcs)
  • Pro-Line decal


Recoil M4 (Super Soft) Off-Road 1:8 Buggy Tires No Foam

Pro-Line’s newest 1:8 Buggy tire arsenal addition is the RECOIL. Its unique “Hexagonal” base provides foundational stability while a touch of subtle siping provides the perfect balance of flexibility. Penetrating lugs assure peak performance on loose and dusty soil with the centered parallel bars provide maximum forward acceleration. Now available in Pro-Line’s M4 (Super Soft) compound A la Carte (no foam).

Tire Features:

  • Unique hexagonal design for stability and exceptional tread life
  • For use on slightly loamy to hard packed soil
  • Multi Purpose outdoor and indoor capability
  • Square-lug technology throughout the tread design
  • Internal ribbing for lateral support and increased cornering control
  • M4 (Super Soft) compound for extra traction in the toughest of conditions
  • Made in the USA

What’s included:

  • Recoil M4 (Super Soft) 1:8 Buggy Tires (2 pcs)
  • Pro-Line decal


The latest from Pro-Line:

The Pro-Line Trencher SC tire will be molded in Pro-Lines M2 compound and is intended to be an awesome all-terrain option for SC trucks. Enthusiasts will find the aggressive tread to provide excellent performance and long life in both on- and off-road conditions.

Also shown are Pro-Line's latest Closed Cell SC inserts. These inserts are not a multi-purpose 1:8th configuration but are a dedicated asymmetrical design that is engineered for ideal sidewall support in Pro-Line SC tires. The upgraded inserts are being included in all SC tires at this time.

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ST Racing Concepts Traxxas Slash 4x4 option parts

New from ST Racing Concepts:

We all knew it was coming…and after months of speculation, Traxxas delivered in a big way. The Slash 4x4 was the big hit in 2009 and cemented a new class in electric off-road for the 2010 racing season: 4WD Short Course Truck. And of course ST Racing Concepts, your short course truck option parts specialist, have a full line of option parts ready to take your Slash 4x4 to the next level both in performance and looks.

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CNC Machined Aluminum Front C-Hubs, Steering Knuckle and Rear Hub Carriers for Slash 4x4

Precision CNC machined from high-grade aluminum, our caster blocks and steering knuckle greatly improves durability and add that great factory looks to the front suspension of your Slash 4x4. Our rear hub carriers features a set-screw over hinge-pin design that securely keep the hub carriers on the hinge-pins, and also keep the wear to a minimum by making the hinge-pins rotate in the arms and not in the aluminum hub carriers while also increasing the durability and adds awesome factory look to your Slash 4x4. (Note: setscrew in rear hub to be used with ST3640RS and ST3640RBK lock-nut style rear outter hinge-pins only. Setscrew is not used with kit type hinge-pins). Available in Blue, Gun Metal, Red and Silver anodizing.

ST1952B/GM/R/S CNC Machined Aluminum Rear Hub Carriers for Slash 4x4 (1 pair) MSRP $27.99

ST6832B/GM/R/S CNC Machined Aluminum Front C-Hub for Slash 4x4 (1 pair) MSRP $31.99

ST6837B/GM/R/S CNC Machined Aluminum Front Steering Knuckles for Slash 4x4 (1 pair) MSRP $31.99

ST3640RS/BK CNC Machined Heat-treated polished steel Rear Outter lock-nut style hinge-pins w/lock-nuts (1 pair) MSRP $4.99

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CNC Machined Aluminum HD Front Shock Tower and HD Rear Shock Tower for Slash 4x4

Greatly reduce the flex of the stock plastic towers on your Slash 4x4 with our CNC Machined Aluminum HD Front and Rear Shock Towers. These CNC machined aluminum heavy duty front and rear shock tower will not only add great looks to your Slsah 4x4, but it will eliminate the flex in your shock tower, keeping your Slash 4x4’s suspension operating true to its design. Available in Blue, Gun Metal, Red and Silver anodizing

ST6839B/GM/R/S CNC Machined Aluminum HD Front Shock Towers for Slash 4x4 MSRP: $23.99

ST6830B/GM/R/S CNC Machined Aluminum HD Rear Shock Towers for Slash 4x4 MSRP: $23.99

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CNC Machined Aluminum Multi-Piece Steering Bellcrank Set and 12mm CNC Machined Aluminum Hex Adapters (4 pcs) for Slash 4x4

The CNC Machined Aluminum Multi-piece Steering Bellcrank Set greatly increase the durability and take out any flex in the kit plastic bellcrank system providing a more precise steering feel. The 12mm Machined Hex adapters securely mounts on your Slash 4x4 tires and wheels with no chance of it being “round off” under heavy torque and power loads. Setscrew on the hex adapters securely holds it in place over the axles. Available in Blue, Gun Metal, Red and Silver anodizing

ST6845B/GM/R/S CNC Machined Multi-Piece Aluminum Steering Bellcrank Set for Slash 4x4 MSRP $35.99

ST1654B/GM/R/S CNC Machined Aluminum 12mm Hex Adapter Set (4pcs) for Slash 4x4 MSRP $17.99

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CNC Machined Finned Aluminum Motor Plate, HD Aluminum Motor Mount. Color Matching LW Center Drive Shafts for Slash 4x4

The CNC Machined Aluminum Finned Motor Plate help dissipate heat better from the motor in your Slash 4x4 while the HD Aluminum Motor Mount securely holds the motor in place and provides more rigidity and brace the rear of the Slash 4x4 chassis. Maintaining our motto of both great performance and good looks, our LW center drive shafts allows you change out your existing blue center shaft to match up to our other anodized color option parts in Gun Metal, Red and Silver. Available in Blue, Gun Metal, Red and Silver anodizing (Center shaft currently available in Gun Metal, Red and Silver only)

ST6890B/GM/R/S CNC Machined Aluminum Finned Motor Plate for Slash 4x4 MSRP $7.99

ST6860B/GM/R/S CNC Machined HD Aluminum Motor Mount for Slash 4x4 MSRP $23.99


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CNC Machined Aluminum Threaded Front and Rear Big Bore Shock Bodies/Collars w/O-ring/Lower Caps

The CNC Machined Aluminum front and rear racing shock sets feature threaded aluminum shock bodies with O-ring installed pre-load collars in which the O-ring secures your pre-load adjustments in place. Threaded shock bodies allow for very precision ride height/spring pre-load adjustments, while the shocks also features aluminum lower shock caps to keep the shock cartridge straight and flex free during suspension operation and heavy suspension compression. Also works on Slash 2WD Short Course Truck. Available in Blue, Gun Metal, Red and Silver anodizing

ST3765XB/GM/R/S CNC Machined Threaded Aluminum Front Shock Set 1 pair (w/lower caps, O-Ring Collars) for Slash 4x4, Slash 2WD MSRP $19.99

STH3766XB/GM/R/S CNC Machined Threaded Aluminum Rear Shock Set 1 pair (w/lower caps, O-Ring Collars) for Slash 4x4, Slash 2WD MSRP $20.99

Please note the following items for the Slash 2WD are also compatible with the Slash 4x4:

ST3727B/GM/R/S CNC Machined Aluminum Pro Racing Battery Hold-Down plate MSRP $10.99

ST2267B/GM/R/S CNC Machined Aluminum Upper Shock Caps (4 pcs) MSRP $12.99

ST3655B/GM/R/S CNC Machined Aluminum Rear A-Arms w/delrin inserts and hinge-pins (For rear of Slash 4x4 only) MSRP $34.99

All ST Racing Concepts Traxxas Slash 4x4 option parts are available now through your local hobby shop or favorite online store. Get ready to take your Slash 4x4 to the next level.


RPM Front Bumper & Skid Plate for the Traxxas Slash 4x4

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New from RPM:

When Traxxas first announced the 4x4 version of the Slash, RPM customers immediately started asking us if our 2wd version parts would fit it. Sadly, that was not the case. Since then, we’ve been working hard to make all of those RPM parts 2wd owners love, fit on the newest 4x4 version.
Our three-piece front bumper / skid plate design for the Traxxas 4x4 is simple, yet strong, effective and highly attractive. We made it a three-piece design to give the Slash owner the option of full front-end bash-proof and crash-proof protection with the skid plate mount, skid plate and bumper installed or if they’re racing, they can remove the bumper and use the skid plate mount and skid plate as a light-weight alternative bumper / skid plate that sheds 27 grams (almost a full ounce) of weight from the front end of the truck. Once the race is over, simply reinstall the bumper and full bash protection is once again available!

Our Traxxas Slash 4x4 front bumper design eliminates the bumper support ring and the 4 screws behind the stock bumper while using a thicker skid design to supply the cushioning resistance a basher-proof bumper needs. By eliminating the stock bumper support ring, absolutely no frontal impact crash energy is transferred into the upper half of the differential housing. We supply longer bumper mounting screws as well, so any impact energy from down low has less of a tendency to pull the mounting screws out from the bottom half of the differential housing. With an RPM impact-absorbing front bumper installed, the energy transferred from frontal impacts will be greatly reduced as well.

RPM front bumpers for the Traxxas Slash 4x4 are available in three color options: black on black, blue on blue or a chrome bumper on a gray skid plate. We’re so confident in the strength and durability of these new bumpers that they too come with our unbeatable factory warranty protection.

RPM light canister sets (RPM #80982 & #80983) fully integrate with our new Slash 4x4 front bumper and skid plate, giving the Slash 4x4 that awesome Desert Racing Truck look and open the 4x4 up to the addition of LED lights for nighttime fun!

#80022 Black Front Bumper & Skid Plate
#80023 Chrome Front Bumper & Gray Skid Plate
#80025 Blue Front Bumper & Skid Plate

Suggested Retail

Black or Blue $15.95
Chrome on Gray $17.95

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Kershaw Designs HPI 5T/5B Brushless Conversion Kit

Name:  5T-5BConversionHD.jpg
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New from Kershaw Designs:

Take the awesome size of HPI's 5T or 5B, combine the raw torque of brushless power and just watch what happens. Get this basic kit and then use a brushless system that you might already have or pick and choose from the huge array of systems we stock. If you're really power hungry, bolt on 2 brushless motors.

  • Motor not included!
  • Motor mount made from 100% heat treated 6061 aluminum.
  • Room to mount 1 or 2 brushless motors.
  • Velcro battery straps can secure 2x3S, 4x3S, 1x6S or 2x6S LiPo packs.
  • Mounts available that will accept standard small scale motors, Castle Creation's 1717 motors (4mm screws, 25mm spacing) and Neu 2200 Series motors (4mm screws, 33mm spacing).
  • Giant 9mm wide delrin spur gear. A wider gear distributes stress over a larger area.
  • Simple, easy conversion that takes about 1-2 hours.
  • Kit includes choice of one pinion gear. Additional pinions available for second motor or for added pinion variety.
  • Kit includes motor mounting system, battery strap system, hardware, full color, fully illustrated installation manual and choice of one pinion

5T/5B Brushless Conversion - Standard Brushless Motors - Choice of Pinion - 5mm - $219.99
5T/5B Brushless Conversion - Castle 1717 Motors - Choice of Pinion - 5mm - $229.99
5T/5B Brushless Conversion - Neu 2200 Series Motors - Choice of Pinion - 5mm - $219.99


HPI Blitz ESE Kit

Name:  Blitz ese-001.jpg
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New from HPI:


  • High performance parts are color coded white, cool gray, and warm grey. Not only does this enhance the style of the truck, it lets you know at a glance which part is the high response performance part.
  • Stiffer composite main chassis that quickens the overall response of the truck.
  • Firm front arms give more precise steering feel while the rear arms help free up the truck in corners.
  • Firm shock towers provide less flex, allowing the shocks to do more of the work. Much more responsive to oil and spring changes.
  • Firmer skid plates: jump take-offs and landings are more aggressive. Less compliance means sharper response.
  • Firmer bumpers offer more body protection.
  • Composite front bulkhead: keeps the front end more rigid, allowing for a more precise and responsive front suspension.
  • Aluminum front arm mount: much more precise front suspension action. Set screws keep the aluminum from wearing and also take full advantage of the firm front arms.
  • Aluminum shock bodies provide more precise action for improved chassis response.
  • Aluminum shock top caps provide more precision and response. They also have enhanced bleeding function when building shocks.
  • Aluminum cartridge cap allows a delrin washer to be added between o-rings to reduce shaft deflection and friction.
  • Pre-load lock collars allows locking of collars so preload adjustments don't change.
  • Firm suspension mounts: more precise alignment of suspension helps make adjustment more noticeable. Parts develop less play over time and take full advantage of the firm rear arms.
  • Ball differential: ceramic diff balls mated to a ball race and a steel gear ensuring you get great ball diff action without compromising the strength of the all-metal drivetrain. High quality outdrives ensure long part life. The diff is easily adjusted with a 2.5mm driver so you can tune the feel to your driving style. The diff also shaves 20g of rotating weight from the gearbox.
  • Universal drive shafts free up the drivetrain and allow more extreme suspension settings.
  • Trailing vs. Inline: both types of steering blocks are included to help you tailor your truck to your driving style and performance requirements.
  • Heat sink motor mount offers a more rigid mounting of the drivetrain to the motor and has improved cooling potential so you can run those hotter winds even faster.
  • Lightweight slipper/ spur carriers decrease rotating weight in the gearbox and simplify installation.
  • Titanium top shaft: the input shaft to the gearbox is now titanium to further reduce rotating weight and make the most of the powerplant.
  • Aluminum locknuts are used throughout the chassis to lighten the chassis, especially in un-sprung assemblies making the chassis more responsive.
  • 7075 aluminum ball studs further increase responsiveness of the entire suspension and steering systems and remove weight.
  • Titanium turnbuckles greatly decrease the weight of the suspension and add style to your linkages.
  • CNC serrated aluminum, large diameter wheel nuts used at each corner allow the fastest maintenance and offers the most wheel holding torque to prevent wheels from loosening.
  • High impact firm ball cups: more suspension precision and more driver feedback.
  • High quality class 10.9 and class 12.9 hardware used throughout for ease of maintenance and durability.


Name:  img_004-001.jpg
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Name:  img_005-001.jpg
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Name:  img_007-001.jpg
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Name:  05-001.jpg
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Name:  info-001.jpg
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Name:  01-001.jpg
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Name:  02-001.jpg
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Name:  02.jpg
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O.S. Engines GT55

Name:  osmg1555bs02x-b-001.jpg
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Size:  92.5 KB

New from O.S. Engines:

Introducing the first O.S. gas engine—designed especially for R/C!

It's similar in appearance to other O.S. 2-cycle engines, with a large number of extra-deep and -thin cooling fins on the crankcase and head. A unique 1-piece crankcase design eliminates gaskets and enhances strength and precision.

A unique front-mounted carb, however, provides several performance benefits.

Better carburetor cooling, for more consistent engine runs and high performance.

Requires shorter standoffs, which results in more secure installation (mounting) and less vibration overall.

Very simple, direct installation of the throttle and choke linkages.
Another major performance benefit is the IG-01 Capacitive Discharge Ignition. Developed from proprietary O.S. technology, it uses a microcomputer programmed for optimum spark advance. Magnetic sensors on the crankcase and prop drive detect ignition timing. The IG-01 also detects and compensates for wet plugs, ensuring quick starts. Designed to accept a wide range of input voltages, the IG-01 requires minimal current in standby mode and features a low-voltage warning (intermittent engine operation).

Other benefits include:
  • No oil seal is required, eliminating rpm lost due to additional friction.
  • A front-induction, rotary-valve crankshaft, which ensures that the valve is opened and closed for optimum timing.
  • Massive front and rear bearings, for longer life and maximum power output.
  • A thin, high-performance piston ring and high-strength aluminum alloy piston, for reduced break-in and high compression from the very first run.


Stock Number: OSMG1555
Displacement: 3.352 cu in (54.93 cc)
Bore: 1.62 in (41.2 mm)
Stroke: 1.62 in (41.2 mm)
Practical rpm: 1,500-8,000

Name:  osmg1555-front-b.jpg
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Name:  osmg1555ai14m-a.jpg
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Name:  osmg1555ai05m.jpg
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Name:  osmg1555ai11m.jpg
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Name:  osmg1555ai15m.jpg
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Name:  osmg1555-bearings.jpg
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Name:  osmg1555-crankshaft.jpg
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Name:  osmg1555-piston.jpg
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Pro-Line Early February Releases

New from Pro-Line:

Name:  779-001.jpg
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Name:  6062-08-001.jpg
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Chassis Saver for Traxxas Slash

Pro-Line's Chassis Saver is now available for the Traxxas® Slash® Enthusiasts. Never again will you have to worry about a broken chassis ruining you race or play day.

During track testing of the ever popular ProTrac™ kit for Slash®, it became clear to the Pro-Line development team that the the short course truck's chassis had a weakness resulting in numerous broken chassis and shortened track sessions. To resolve the issue, the Pro-Line team machined up a hand full of "chassis savers" that would strengthen the rear shock tower mounting ears and commenced with testing. Now these components are being made available so that you to can enjoy a bulletproof Slash®.

  • Makes breaking the rear shock tower mounting ears off your chassis virtually impossible.
  • CNC Machined from 7075 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Hard Anodized Black Finish
  • Simple installation

What’s Included:
  • Chassis Saver Plate (1 pc)
  • Mounting Hardware (8 pcs)

6062-08 | Chassis Saver

Name:  8209-02-001.jpg
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Name:  780-001.jpg
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Name:  781-001.jpg
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Name:  782-001.jpg
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Caliber 2.2" Off-Road Truck Tiresfits 2.2" Truck Wheels

Pro-Line's 1:10 Caliber 2.2" Truck Tires now available. For the 1:10 Off-Road Enthusiasts, pick your class, weather it's Mod, Stock or Gas truck, but when it comes to tires... the choice is clear, it's Pro-Line's Caliber 2.2" Truck Tires.

The Caliber takes tire technology to the next level by optimizing traction, control, balance, and tire wear with its dual-stage design. The smaller top pin penetrates through loose dirt while delivering unbelievable side and forward bite. The base pin works as a support for the top pin while acting as a dual-stage design once the top pin is worn down. You can rely on the base pin for greater tread life wear and it works well on those tracks that are prone to blue-groove or have a super clean surface.

Tire Features:
  • Dual-stage pin design for exceptional tread life
  • Small top pin for light to heavy loose dirt
  • Base pin extraordinary on hard-packed/blue-groove surfaces
  • Square-lug technology throughout the tread design
  • Directional tread design
  • Available in World Championship/extremely proprietary M3 (Soft) compound
  • Internal sidewall ribbing for lateral support and increased cornering control
  • Cut foam included

What’s Included:
  • Caliber 2.2" truck tires (2 pieces)
  • Cut foam inserts (2 pieces)


Height:4.00" (102mm)
Width:2.08" (53mm)

8209-02 | M3 (Soft)


Venom SCX 1/10th Scale RTR Short Course Truck

Name:  VEN-8500 SCX Front-001.jpg
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New from Venom:

The Venom SCX was designed for the popular 2WD short course racing class modeled after the full-scale LOORRS (Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series) racing trucks. Designed from the ground up, the SCX represents the latest in race truck design plus a new feature unique to the Venom SCX…MORdrive™ system. Now you can adjust the center of gravity on the fly in the pits by changing the rear transmission position from mid-motor to rear motor. MORdrive™ system allows you to fine tune the weight balance and tailor the SCX to the track conditions to take the competition by surprise!

The Venom SCX is the only truck that is designed to be two chassis in one. With the MORdrive™ system, you’ll never be stuck with a poor weight balanced truck.

No need to lose the set screw, we did it for you!

For the ultimate in smooth drivelines we include our latest captured pin style VCD. The new design eliminates the micro set screw that typically holds the hinge pin in place. Instead, the new VCD captures the pin with a CNC machined aluminum retainer. With the new captured pin VCD, the pin is free to rotate as needed resulting in smoother, more efficient acceleration and braking.

Fully adjustable racing suspension geometry with multiple shock positions, adjustable camber, toe, ride height, and weight bias.

Battery compartment accommodates 6, 7, and 8 Cell NiMH and 2-3 cell LiPO packs.

The SCX chassis has a water resistant radio compartment and all the sensitive servo wires are concealed and protected from the elements. Short Course truck style rugged bumpers and mud flaps protect the front and rear while side nerf bars help to keep wheels from tangling up with the chassis. The aggressive Venom SCX racing body is made from high impact resistant polycarbonate and preprinted with attractive racing graphics.

Standard Features:
  • 1/10th Scale ROAR legal 2WD Drive Short Course racing truck.
  • VCD Precision Universal Drives
  • MorDrive™ motor/transmission system – Builder Option, parts included for both
  • Battery compartment accommodates 6, 7, and 8 cell NiMH packs and 2-3 cell LiPO packs
  • Racing suspension with fully adjustable geometry
  • Externally adjustable slipper clutch
  • Tough four gear planetary bevel gear differential
  • Scale tube bumpers and side nerf bars take abuse and protect the vehicle from damage and tangling with other trucks.
  • Threaded composite shocks
  • Sealed radio box keeps your electronics dry and clean
  • Adjustable steering servo saver
  • 3pc Beadlox Wheel System with Griplox Inserts


Length: 21.73in. (552mm)
Width: 11.73in. (298mm)
Roof Height: 7.89in. (200.5mm)
Wheelbase: 13.01in. (330.5mm)
Ground Clearance: 1.51in. (38.5mm)
Radio: 2.4Ghz 3 Channel Radio
Motor: 550 27T brushed motor
ESC: 1/10th scale ESC

VEN-8500 SCX 1/10th Scale RTR Short Course Truck $299.99

Name:  VEN-8500 SCX Rear-001.jpg
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Name:  VEN-8500 SCX top view.301-001.jpg
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Name:  VEN-8500 SCX BATTERY OPEN-001.jpg
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Name:  VEN-8500 SCX MID-MOTOR-001.jpg
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Name:  VEN-8500 SCX REAR-MOTOR-001.jpg
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Name:  VEN-8500 SCX STEERING-001.jpg
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Name:  VEN-8500 SCX VCD-EXPLODE.516-001.jpg
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Name:  VEN-8500 SCX WHEEL-SECTION.217-001.jpg
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Kershaw Designs Savage 5T Chassis Conversion

Name:  Savage-5TChassisHD.jpg
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New from Kershaw Designs:

Like all good engineering designs, this chassis is simple in concept, but great in its payoff. Simply bolt all the components to your HPI Savage to this frame, install the included X-long center dogbones and you have a Savage with a wheelbase to match the 5T's body. A stock width Savage fits perfectly under the wheel wells too.

  • Chassis made from 3.2mm natural heat-treated 6061 aluminum.
  • Chassis accepts Kershaw Designs' Savage Brushless Conversion, Direct Drive Gearbox and battery trays.
  • Stretches wheelbase to 22.1".
  • Includes X-long center dogbones and throttle/brake linkage.
  • Chassis is direct replacement for all models of Savage. Savage XL owners need standard width wheel axles and standard hubs.

Savage 5T Chassis Conversion- $149.99


Team Associated Factory Team SC10 Lightweight Ball Differential

Name:  9853.jpg
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New from Team Associated:

Team Associated is proud to announce the introduction of the Factory Team ball differential specifically designed for the SC10. Once built, the differential fits directly into the stock SC10 transmission case. No modifications are required!

Racers have long enjoyed the handling benefits that a ball differential offers. For nearly 30 years, competition electric off-road cars have been equipped with them, and for good reason! Ball differentials improve handling consistency over bumpy surfaces while increasing cornering capabilities.

Each outdrive is machined from hardened steel for exceptional durability, then lightened to reduce rotating mass. Outdrives are also available separately so that current T4 and B4 differentials can be upgraded for use in the SC10.

#9852 SC10 Ball Diff Outdrives $19.99 Available: In Stock
#9853 SC10 Ball Differential $39.99 Available: In Stock

Name:  9852.jpg
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Outerwears Slash and SC10 Short Course Truck Shrouds

Name:  Slash shroud-001.jpg
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New from Outerwears:

Using Terra-Flo standards Outerwears is announcing the availability of 20-2591 and 20-2592 the New Slash and SC10 Short Course Truck Shrouds. Outerwears has designed a way for you to protect your Short Course Trucks from dirt, debris, and water while allowing amazing air flow that Outerwears is known for. We believe Short Course Truck owners want to experience what off-road really means, if Outerwears is right, then the new Slash and SC10 Shrouds are a must have. Now stand out in the crowd and be protected. Also, available in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Lime Green. Ask your local dealer for your new Short Course Truck Shroud today!

Also, Visit to see the complete Outerwears product line and find out the advantages of staying protected.

Name:  SC10 shroud-001.jpg
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Axial SCX10 TR Aluminum Links Upgrade Set

Name:  scx10-al-link-set_btm-view_hi-res-001.jpg
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Size:  96.4 KB

New from Axial:
  • Upgrades your SCX10 TR to all aluminum links
  • Includes the hardware and links needed to upgrade to a 3 link OR 4 link setup using the 4 link mount included with the TR series of product
  • Two different wheelbases available
  1. 11.4” (290mm) WB – Fits Dingo body and other short wheelbase bodies
  2. 12.3” (313mm) WB – Fits Trail Honcho Body and other longer wheelbase bodies
AX30549 SCX10 TR Links Set - 11.4" (290mm) WB $70.00 $50.00
AX30550 SCX10 TR Links Set - 12.3" (313mm) WB $75.00 $54.00

Name:  ax30549_tr-al-links-set_hi-res-001.jpg
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AX30549 - SCX10 TR Links Set - 11.4" / 290mm

Name:  ax30550_tr-al-links-set_hires-001.jpg
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Size:  73.2 KB

AX30550 - SCX10 TR Links Set - 12.3" / 313mm
Trevor "Chilly" Duncan
Online News Editor
Radio Control Car Action
HPI Bullet ST 3.0 RTR 1/10 4WD Stadium Truck

Name:  _MG_6665_e-001.jpg
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New from HPI:

Introducing the new HPI Bullet ST 3.0, the ready-built off-road vehicle that's ideal for all off-road bashers and enthusiasts! This is a 1/10th scale monster truck fitted with a powerful 4WD drivetrain and extra-powerfulHPI Nitro engine, so it can power through all sorts of terrain and fly over obstacles!

The Bullet ST 3.0 is just one member of a family of HPI vehicles which are based around a durable 4WD shaft drivetrain, 2 shocks per wheel and double-deck aluminium chassis. The Bullet off-road trucks feature either Nitro Star 3.0 engines or silent Flux brushless motor systems, and are available in different off-road truck varieties. In short, you can get the precise flavour of off-road performance you want with the HPI Bullet!


The Bullet trucks use a 3mm aluminium plate-style chassis as the backbone, providing an extremely tough foundation for the suspension and drivetrain. The aluminium used in the chassis is the very strong 7075-T6 alloy, which is the best aluminium available in radio-controlled vehicles and military aircraft, making it the ideal material for something like the Bullet! For extra stiffness, the sides of the chassis are upturned and the aluminium radio plate also acts as an extra stiffening support.


The drivetrain used in all Bullet trucks is a full-time four-wheel drive shaft-type drivetrain, just like the one used in 1/8th scale buggies like the World Champion D8 buggy. A shaft drivetrain is the best option for a kit that's expected to encounter every possible driving condition and track surface, so whether you're blasting through mud, water, dirt, grass, snow or gravel, this is exactly what you what you want!

A strong plastic 54-tooth spur gear takes the power from the engine and transmits it front and rear through an adjustable dual pad slipper clutch. A dual pad slipper provides more protection to the drivetrain than a standard single pad design, and we've included it as standard to make sure you get the best out of the Bullet.

The centre dogbones drive the front and rear bevel differentials, which use 4 internal gears for increased durability and lifetime over standard 2-gear diffs. Tough steel outdrives turn steel outdrives and axles, and 14mm hex adapters spin the cool styled wheels wrapped with all-terrain tractor-tread rubber tyres.

A single drilled steel disc brake is used for extreme stopping power. Brake pads shod with material used in full-size trucks clamp down when the brakes are applied, bringing this beast to a quick yet controllable stop! All the brake linkage is fully adjustable, but you can leave it as set from the factory or it can be adjusted for prime operation on any surface.

For extra efficiency, all the components of the drivetrain, from the spur gear to the wheel axles, spin on rubber-sealed ball bearings. With these bearings you get long runtimes and long engine life while the rubber seals keep out dust and grime!

Nitro Star G3.0 Engine

The '3.0' in the Bullet ST 3.0 name stands for the powerful Nitro Star G3.0 engine, HPI's latest .15-size nitro-breathing powerplant. It's equipped with the latest modern features taken directly from much more expensive racing engines, yet it's easy to tune and adjust so hobbyists of all skill levels can jump right in and have fun! You get the minimum of hassle with the maximum of wheel-spinning fun!

The Nitro Star G3.0 uses a sophisticated, heat-resistant composite slide carburettor for consistent settings at all temperatures and quick response in any conditions. With 2 adjustment needles, it's simple to tune and simple to maintain. An accordion style rubber boot protects the internal mechanism from dust and mud. To protect the engine from power-robbing dirt, a dual foam air filter is fitted to the carb.

Protecting the engine from excess heat build-up is the large heatsink head and extra cooling fins on the engine case. Both are made from aluminium, which dissipates heat quickly and effectively. The black coating on the case and the dark silver head look great together, showing the Nitro Star G3.0 has a bit of style to go with all that power!

The internals of the engine are made from the industry standard ABC components: aluminium piston with a brass sleeve or cylinder, which is chrome-plated for extra durability.

Getting things going, the Nitro Start G3.0 uses a tough pullstarter for bringing the engine to life. Just prime the engine with fuel, attach a glow plug igniter, give a couple of short tugs on the starter cord and you're off! If you want to use a starter box, that's easy too: just line up the engine flywheel with the starter wheel and away you go.

As the engine breathes into life, you'll hear the distinctive rumble of the exhaust at it comes out of the bent tube manifold and into the aluminium tuned pipe. These two pieces of engineering brilliance combine to give the Nitro Start G3.0 engine a massive boost in power at low and high RPM, giving you roost-inducing torque and lightning high speeds!

Once you're running, a 2-piece racing clutch is used to engage the clutchbell and spin the 54-tooth spur gear. Why use a proven racing design on a fun monster truck? Because it's stronger and more durable than conventional designs!

The engine is mounted to the 3mm chassis using a mounting system taken from modern off-road racing RC kits - a wide hex screw keeps the mount in place on the chassis, and the mounts are bolted to the engine.

Keeping the engine fuelled is a prime concern, too, so we didn't neglect to add a large-capacity 75cc fuel tank. With thick translucent walls, strong o-ring sealed spring-loaded cap, and a 'stone' type filter, you've got one of the best fuel tanks on the market mounted in the Bullet ST 3.0!

With nitro-powered trucks there's no stopping to recharge batteries; as long as the truck's receiver pack and transmitter batteries have good charge, you can just keep refilling the fuel tank and go out for more fun!

Suspension and Steering

The Bullet ST 3.0 uses a tough suspension design derived from larger racing trucks, but with a few extra bits for increased durability! Long suspension arms are damped by 2 oil-filled shock absorbers each, and tough front and rear bumpers combined with skid plates protect both ends of the truck in just about every collision.

Extra-long suspension arms provide stability, and thick suspension pins give you extra insurance against crash damage. Both shocks on each arm are 'captured', meaning the mounting screw attaches on both sides of the shock end for extra durability in any type of conditions.

The suspension arms feature a solid construction for extra-tough construction and extreme durability. Multiple shock mounting locations let you fine-tune the handling for whatever you plan to be doing.

For advanced tuning, turnbuckle links let you make quick adjustments, and even the steering links use turnbuckles so you can change the front toe setting if you wanted. Go ahead and try it - even though it's perfectly set at the factory for neutral handling, we don't mind if you try something new!

The shock absorbers are factory-fitted just like everything else on the Bullet ST 3.0, and are precisely filled with oil for exceptional handling in turns and cushioning when landing big jumps. With big coil-over springs they are the perfect match to the long suspension arms! Optional mounting points are provided on the suspension arms for lowering the stance of the truck slightly (great for running on-road) and stiffening up the suspension at the same time, without using option parts.

The hubs, steering knuckles, and rear uprights, are made of tough nylon plastic for enduring any sort of punishment. The front hubs have an oversized rock guard to keep pebbles and stones away from the dogbone/axle joint.

Finally, a tough servo saver protects the steering servo from any accidents, and perfect for keeping the strong HPI SF-1 servo out of trouble.


We've gone over quite a lot how fantastic the Bullet ST 3.0 is, but there's one important thing we haven't covered in detail yet: how absolutely tough and strong it is! Bumpers, skid plates, thick steel drivetrain parts, specially constructed composite parts and smart design combine to make this one of the strongest, most durable and most reliable radio-control trucks you'll ever try.

Thick bumpers at the front and rear are made from a softer material than other parts of the truck so they bend in impacts and don't snap under pressure. Skid plates under the bumpers allow the Bullet to slide over and past whatever obstacles it can't climb over, if you can find obstacles that big! Tough bumper braces allow the bumpers to spring back after impacts, so they're always ready for more.

Beefy suspension braces protect the suspension pins from crash damage and prevent the pins from bending or breaking in a really hard crash.

Mounting the body on plastic body posts might sound like a no-brainer, considering the abuse this truck is likely to take, but we made sure to use the same material as the bumpers for the body posts. This makes sure that if you do roll over the body posts won't break and will flex with the roll and let you land on all four wheels, ready to drive off!

Speaking of rollovers, the chassis has a handy roll bar mounted over the spur gear. This lets you get a grip on things and carry the truck around, but also gives the body a bit of extra protection should you decide to end a jump with the rubber side up.


Controlling the Bullet is the trusty and proven HPI TF-1 radio, which has been used by many RC hobbyists around the world. The realistic steering wheel feel of this type of radio encourages the RC beginner to think of the E10 as a real car driving around a race course, and the feel of pulling back on the throttle trigger is just like stomping on the accelerator of a real car!

The HPI TF-1 radio transmitter features interchangeable frequency crystals, a retractable aerial, easy access to radio adjustments and simple AA battery replacement.

Taking the signals from the transmitter, the HPI RF-1 receiver uses standard RC connectors to send your control signals to the two SF-1 steering servos which control the steering and throttle/brake. You'll get long-range, reliable connections between your transmitter and car with the RF-1 and dependable steering action from the SF-1 servos.

The receiver box is not only sealed against dirt and mud but mounted well away from the fuel tank to protect everything from any spilled fuel. The wires for the switch are smartly routed, as well, to keep them away from rotating drivetrain parts and away from the elements.

Full Assembly Instructions and HPI RC Cars DVD

As with all HPI cars and trucks, you get a in-depth, complete instruction manual with step by step instructions that allow you to easily disassemble and reassemble your monster truck for maintenance and easy servicing.

The information on the HPI RC Cars DVD provides a complete and detailed introduction to the fascinating world of RC model cars. This DVD will show you step by step how to start and run in a Nitro engine, and how to get the best performance from your HPI RC car.

The HPI RC Car DVD is your personal RC car expert in a box!

  • Factory-assembled & pre-painted 4WD Stadium Truck
  • Painted and detailed bodyshell ready to strut its stuff!
  • Strong and reliable Nitro Star G3.0 engine
  • Easy and simple pullstarter for instant action
  • Big 75cc fuel tank gives you plenty of runtime
  • 7075-T6 aluminium chassis provides the ideal backbone
  • Tough bumpers combine with skid plates to protect all 4 corners
  • 8 oil-filled shocks provide a plush ride
  • Extra-long suspension arms provide stability and balance
  • Proven racing design throughout
  • Steel turnbuckle links allow you to custom-tune the ride
  • Sealed shaft drivetrain is maintenance-free and super strong
  • Double-pad slipper clutch design for extra drivetrain protection
  • Reliable disk brake with adjustable linkage
  • All-terrain tyres look fantastic on black chrome wheels
  • Solid and reliable HPI electronics fitted in splashproof receiver box
  • Intelligent fuel line routing to keep things neat and tidy
  • A smart metal washer prevents over-tightening of wheel nuts
  • Aluminium center brace for more durability over plastic brace
  • Additional track-tuning options included in the kit!


Name:  _MG_6654_e-001.jpg
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Name:  _MG_6659_e-001.jpg
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Name:  _MG_6679_e-001.jpg
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Name:  _MG_6686_e-001.jpg
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Name:  _MG_5295_e-001.jpg
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Name:  _MG_5017_e-001.jpg
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Name:  _MG_5363_e2-001.jpg
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Name:  _MG_4852_e_nitro-001.jpg
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Name:  _MG_4872_e-001.jpg
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Name:  _MG_5017_e2-001.jpg
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Name:  _MG_5243_ed-001.jpg
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Name:  _MG_5282_e-001.jpg
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Name:  _MG_5285_e-001.jpg
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Name:  _MG_5287_e-001.jpg
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Name:  _MG_5329_e-001.jpg
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Pro-Line and PROTOform Mid January Releases

Name:  3307-60-001.jpg
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Name:  754-001.jpg
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Name:  755-001.jpg
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Name:  758-001.jpg
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Chevy® Silverado™ 1500 Clear Body for Slash®, Slash® 4x4 and SC10 (with trimming)

Chevy® race fans get ready to go thrashing through your off-road terrain with your Traxxas® Slash®, Slash® 4x4 or Associated SC10 (additional trimming required) and Pro-Line’s Chevy® Silverado™ race body.

  • Bold off-road Short Course (SC) styling
  • Extremely pronounced fenders for an attack-like stance
  • Exceptional detail and style
  • Made with Crystal Clear Genuine GE Lexan®
  • Four step to Race Ready:
1.) Clean Body and apply included window mask
2.) Paint then peel the over-spray film off
3.) Sticker your body (decal sheet included)
4.) Mount your new Chevy® Silverado™ onto your Slash®
  • Made in the USA

What's Included:
  • Clear Chevy® Silverado™ 1500 Body
  • Window mask
  • Decal sheet

3307-60 | Chevy® Silverado™ 1500 $35.95
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Name:  759-001.jpg
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Name:  760-001.jpg
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Name:  761-001.jpg
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Name:  762-001.jpg
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Name:  774-001.jpg
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14RS Clear Body for Slash®, Slash® 4x4, and SC10 (with trimming)

Off-Road Rally fans get pumped to convert your Traxxas® Slash®, Slash® 4x4 or Associated SC10 (additional trimming required) into desert pounding beast with Pro-Line’s new 14RS Rally Race body.

  • Bold desert rally styling now ready to convert your Short Course (SC) truck into a South American Rally Champion
  • Fast lines and aggressive rally detail and style
  • Made with Crystal Clear Genuine GE Lexan®
  • Four step to Race Ready:
1.) Clean Body and apply included window mask
2.) Paint then peel the over-spray film off
3.) Sticker your body (decal sheet included)
4.) Mount your new RS14 onto your Slash®, Slash® 4x4, or SC10
  • Made in the USA

What's Included:
  • Clear 14RS Body
  • Window mask
  • Decal sheet
  • 3M® strips for rear hatch

3319-00 | 14RS $33.95


Name:  3244-40-001.jpg
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Name:  763-001.jpg
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Name:  764-001.jpg
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Name:  765-001.jpg
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1980 Chevy® Blazer™ Clear Body for 1:18 Rock Crawler

1:18 Crawlers and scale builders are you ready for new body for your rig? Check out the 1980 Chevy® Blazer™ Clear body from Pro-Line.


  • Classic style and old school look of your 1:18 ride
  • Made from Crystal Clear Lexan®
  • Perfect fit for Team Losi's 1:18 crawler
  • Four step to Crawling Ready:
1.) Clean Body and apply included window mask
2.) Paint then peel the over-spray film off
3.) Sticker your body (decal sheet included)
4.) Mount your new Chevy® Blazer™ onto your 1:18 crawler
  • Made in the USA

What's included:

  • Clear 1980 Chevy® Blazer™ Body
  • Window mask
  • Decal sheet

3244-40 | 1980 Chevy® Blazer™ $27.95

Name:  8208-0x-001.jpg
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Suburbs 2.2" 4WD Off-Road Buggy Front Tires for 2.2" 4WD Front Wheels

The 2008 ROAR National Champion tread and compound is now available for your 4WD buggy front. Introducing the Suburbs 4WD front tire in Pro-Line’s M3 (Soft), new MX (Blue-Groove/High Heat) and MC (Clay) compounds.

At the 2008 ROAR 1:10 Off-Road Nationals, Ryan Cavalieri and Jared Tebo dominated the 2WD and 4WD Mod Buggy classes with the Suburbs, now you too can have the same performance they had right out of the bag.


  • Available in M3 (Soft) and new MX (Blue-Groove/High Heat) and new MC (Clay)
  • National Championship winning compound and tread design
  • Inner and outer radius rib tread for increased corner holding and predictable side-bite.
  • Internal carcass webbing resist tire expansion under acceleration and deceleration
  • Internal sidewall ribbing maintains sidewall structure in extreme traction conditions for greater corner control
  • Tread height is predictable, aggressive, and long-lasting for use on a variety of blue-groove track and surfaces where you would typically run soft compound tires
  • Single stage firm foam inserts
  • Pro-Line branded laser etched sidewall detail
  • Made in the USA

What’s Included:

  • Suburb 4WD front tires (2 pcs)
  • Single stage firm foam insert (2 pcs)

M3 (Soft) Compound (green dot)

  • Perfect for those loose dirt track wet or dry.
  • Works great for cooler track temperatures.

MX (Blue-Groove/High Heat) Compound (double orange dot)

  • High-heat/blue groove compound
  • Works best on clean surfaces
  • Long wearing on the most abrasive tracks
  • Forms to track surface for unmatched predictability

MC (Clay) Compound (purple dot)

  • Great for indoor clay surface
  • Prefers low track temperatures/wet surfaces
  • Receptive to the use of traction additives

“I was amazed at how well the M3 compound performed at my local track. Never before has a tire outperformed the Hole Shot until now. It’s the new tire of choice for my local track,” team driver Chad Parks.

“The MX compound is amazing. I race at a super high bite, high heat, blue-groove track and the MX compound outlasts and outperforms anything else I’ve tested,” says Pro-Line team driver Scott Spears.

“I’ve run every clay compound tread on the market. By far, the new MC compound from Pro-Line was way beyond anything else I have ever ran. I know that you too will experience what I did on clay with the new MC compound,” Eric Schutt, Pro-Line enthusiast.


Height:3.35" (85mm)Width:1.33" (34mm)

8208-02 | M3 (Soft) $14.50
8208-16 | MX (Blue-Groove/High Heat) $14.50
8208-17 | MC (Clay) $14.50


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Name:  767-001.jpg
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Name:  768-001.jpg
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Name:  769-001.jpg
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Volkswagen® Baja Bug Clear Body for 1:16 E-REVO®

1:16 E-REVO® is even more exciting when it’s covered with Pro-Line’s new VW® Mini Body.


  • VW® Style and Baja look make this the perfect 1:16 E-REVO® upgrade
  • Extremely round profile make roll-overs a breeze while protecting your chassis
  • Made from Crystal Clear Lexan®
  • Four step to Race Ready:
1.) Clean Body and apply included window mask
2.) Paint then peel the over-spray film off
3.) Sticker your body (decal sheet included)
4.) Mount your new VW onto your 1:16 E-REVO®
  • Made in the USA

What's included:

  • Clear VW® Baja Bug Body
  • Window Mask
  • Detail decal sheet

3238-31 | VW® Baja Bug Body $25.95

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Name:  735_update-001.jpg
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ProTrac™ Suspension Kit Split Six Wheels for Front & Rear Slash® with Pro-Line ProTrac™ Suspension Kit

Short Course racing just got more colorful with Pro-Line’s Spilt Six Wheels in White and Yellow.

The Split Six design is the staple look of short course vehicles. Until now, it’s only been available in a 3 piece bead-loc design. Now, Pro-Line offers a lightweight one-piece glueable design that’s more affordable and completely performance driven for Slash® with ProTrac™ Suspension Kit.

Pro-Line's new ProTrac™ Suspension kit for Slash® is one easy to install kit that greatly increases forward acceleration, corner speed, consistency and drivability. The critics are ranting and raving about ProTrac™.

“The result is almost staggering after my test down at OCRC Raceway. We can’t recommend this kit enough,” says Xtreme R/C Car Magazine.

“…it all comes down to the numbers. According to the stopwatch, my laps were about 1 ½ to 2 seconds faster with the Pro-Line suspension system,” says RC Car Action Magazine.

What’s included:

  • Split Six One-Piece lightweight glueable design
  • Negative 10mm offset for ProTrac™ Suspension Kit
  • 2.2” outer bead and 3.0” inner bead
  • Simulated Bead-Loc ring
  • Wheel made from high-strength, durable DuPont® nylon material
  • A deep, satin black, white or yellow finish on all Split Six wheels

What’s included:

  • Split Six glueable wheels Front or Rear (2pcs)

2723-00 | ProTrac™ Suspension Kit Split Six Black Wheels $9.49
2723-02 | ProTrac™ Suspension Kit Split Six Yellow Wheels $9.49
2723-04 | ProTrac™ Suspension Kit Split Six White Wheels $9.49

Name:  2720-0x_front-001.jpg
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Name:  773_one piece-001.jpg
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Split Six 2.2"/3.0" One-Piece Front Wheels for Slash® Front

Short Course racing just got more colorful with Pro-Line’s Spilt Six Wheels in White and Yellow.

The Split Six design is the staple look of short course vehicles. Until now, it's only been available in a 3 piece bead-loc design. Now, Pro-Line offers a lightweight one-piece glueable design that's more affordable and completely performance driven for Slash®, Slash® 4x4 and Blitz.

Wheel Features:
  • Lightweight one-piece design
  • 2.2" outer bead and 3.0" inner bead
  • Simulated Bead-Loc ring
  • Wheel made from high-strength, durable DuPont® nylon material
  • For use on Slash® front (#2720) and Slash® rear or Slash® 4x4 front/rear and Blitz front/rear (#2721)
  • Same track width as stock wheels
  • A deep, satin black, white or yellow finish on all Split Six wheels

What's Included:

Split Six wheels (2 pcs)

2720-02 | Split Six Front Black Wheels $8.07
2720-08 | Split Six Front Yellow Wheels $8.07
2720-04 | Split Six Front White Wheels $8.07

Split Six 2.2"/3.0" One-Piece Rear Wheels for Slash® Rear, Slash® 4x4 Front or Rear & Blitz Front or Rear

Short Course racing just got more colorful with Pro-Line’s Spilt Six Wheels in White and Yellow.

The Split Six design is the staple look of short course vehicles. Until now, it's only been available in a 3 piece bead-loc design. Now, Pro-Line offers a lightweight one-piece glueable design that's more affordable and completely performance driven for Slash®, Slash® 4x4 and Blitz.

Wheel Features:
  • Lightweight one-piece design
  • 2.2" outer bead and 3.0" inner bead
  • Simulated Bead-Loc ring
  • Wheel made from high-strength, durable DuPont® nylon material
  • For use on Slash® front (#2720) and Slash® rear or Slash® 4x4 front/rear and Blitz front/rear (#2721)
  • Same track width as stock wheels
  • A deep, satin black, white or yellow finish on all Split Six wheels

What's Included:
  • Split Six wheels (2 pcs)

2721-02 | Split Six Slash® Rear, Slash® 4x4 front/rear and Blitz front/rear Black Wheels $8.07
2721-08 | Split Six Slash® Rear, Slash® 4x4 front/rear and Blitz front/rear Yellow Wheels $8.07
2721-04 | Split Six Slash® Rear, Slash® 4x4 front/rear and Blitz front/rear White Wheels $8.07

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Name:  771_replacement-001.jpg
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TCC Replacement Wing Set for 1230-30 TCC Body

Oval racers who race with the popular PROTOform TCC race body (#1230-30) have requested that we produce TCC wings to be made available separately. We've responded with this double wing set pulled in durable lexan. These wings with the add-on spill plates are identical to the wings that are included with the body at the time of purchase. Now you're able to have extra wings in your pit box to allow for experimentation (with varying degrees of downforce) and the ability to replace damaged wings.

  • Direct replacement wings for the #1230-30 TCC Oval body
  • Add-on spill plates
  • Protective overspray coating

What's included:
  • TCC Clear Wings with sill plates (2)
  • Mounting hardware included

1230-40 | TCC Replacement Wings $11.95
HPI and Hot Bodies February releases

New from HPI and Hot Bodies:

Name:  7024_002p-001.jpg
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Name:  7024_003p-001.jpg
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Honda Civic Si body

Cup Racer and Switch owners... the popular Honda Civic Si is back! Completely revised decals and revised tooling make it a perfect fit on Cup Racer cars as well as many other "Mini" size cars with 225mm wheelbases. We've added front/rear light buckets for the ultimate in realism. The huge vinyl pre-cut decal sheet comes all of the good stuff: window lines, tinted rear/side windows just like the real Civic Si (EK9), two different radiator/intercoolers, official Honda logos and even some retro HPI logos thrown in.

Like all HPI bodies, the Honda Civic comes with a clear protective overspray film, window masks and a large pre-cut decal sheet. The body also has drill locations marked for HPI Cup Racer cars, making it easy to line up the body mount and antenna holes.
  • Premium vinyl decals include window frames, headlights, grill, tail lights, official logos and more - For a perfect finish with a lot of details
  • Front and rear light buckets - allows you to add real lights for the ultimate realism
  • High quality polycarbonate with excellent dimensional stability and impact resistance - For extra strength and longer life
  • Pre-marked body post holes - For easy mounting on HPI cars
  • Fits the HPI Cup Racer, Switch and other "Mini" size cars

#7024 Honda Civic $22.00

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Name:  3322_002p-001.jpg
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Rays Gram Lights 57S-Pro Wheels

These Rays Gram Lights 57S-Pro wheels are officially licensed replicas from Rays, manufacturer of some the lightest and strongest wheels available. Rays is one of the top brands of high tech forged wheels for the street, and they also have a rich tradition of racing victories including the 24 Hours of Le Mans and numerous JGTC wins.

These wheels are available in 3mm, 6mm and 9mm offsets. 3mm offset gives a slightly wider stance to help fill out the wheelwells. Owners of 190mm electric cars can use our 6mm offset wheels if they want to use 200mm bodies. Throw on a pair of 9mm offset wheels for a super wide look.

All standard 26mm touring car tires will fit on these wheels. Sold in pairs.


Name:  102777_002p-001.jpg
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SF-50 Servo

This high torque SF-50 Servo is a direct replacement for the SF-5 servo found on HPI trucks and buggies. High torque and a tough metal output gear give it the strength needed for applications like the steering of the Savage XL, Savage Flux, and Vorza Flux. If you're looking for more torque, the SF-50 is an easy bolt-in upgrade for the HPI SF-1, SF-10, SF-2, SF-20 servos.


Futaba J Connector
Metal Output Gear

#102777 HPI SF-50 SERVO(METAL GEAR/12kg-cm6.0V) $80.00


Name:  102999_002p-001.jpg
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Brama 18B buggy pinion gears

These Pinion Gears for the Brama 18B buggy give you a wide range of gear ratios to choose from. Each pinion is precision machined for high efficiency and a smooth gear mesh. The number of teeth laser etched in two places, making identification quick and easy. Each package contains one pinion gear and one set screw.

These pinion gears are designed to mesh with 0.5M sized spur gears like the ones found on the Brama 18B. They are not compatible with 0.6M, 48 and 64 pitch spur gears. Choose a bigger pinion for higher top speed

102999 - PINION GEAR 14 TOOTH (0.5M) $4.00
103000 - PINION GEAR 15 TOOTH (0.5M) $4.00
103001 - PINION GEAR 16 TOOTH (0.5M) $4.00

Name:  103006_002p-001.jpg
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Name:  103006_003p-001.jpg
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Name:  103006_004p-001.jpg
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Flare Wheels

These Flare Wheels are molded from heavy duty nylon for strength and durability. The 5 spoke design gives them an aggressive look. These are option front or rear wheels that widen the stance of the Brama 18B 1/18th scale electric buggy. Sold in pairs.

103006 - FLARE FRONT WHEEL WHITE (2pcs) $5.00
103007 - FLARE REAR WHEEL WHITE (2pcs) $5.00

Name:  103008_004p-001.jpg
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Name:  103009_003p-001.jpg
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Square Step Tires

These Square Step Tires have small round outer pins for high grip in dirt, with a square step transition to larger diameter supporting pins for reduced tread squirm. These are option front or rear tires for the Brama 18B that give increased traction, especially suited for off-road conditions. Sold in pairs, inner foam is included.

103008 - SQUARE STEP FRONT TIRE (2pcs) $9.00
103009 - SQUARE STEP REAR TIRE (2pcs) $9.00


Name:  103691_002p-001.jpg
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Vorza Flux buggy Universal Drive Shaft

This Universal Drive Shaft for the Vorza Flux buggy delivers efficient transfer of power and quicker acceleration. It's machined from high strength steel for extra durability, and fully rebuildable to add extra life when it comes time for maintenance. This universal drive shaft is factory designed, factory manufactured and team tested for the correct fit.

Each package contains one universal drive shaft that replaces the stock center rear dogbone.


Name:  102530_002p-001.jpg
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Name:  102530_003p-001.jpg
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Name:  102530_006p-001.jpg
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Savage Aluminum Wheel Hex Hub Set for Baja 5B wheels and tires

Savage owners can use this Aluminum Wheel Hex Hub Set to mount the wide variety of Baja 5B wheels and tires on their trucks. The larger diameter wheels look great on Savage trucks, and you can even mount up a set of paddle tires for sand dune action. The set contains four precision machined aluminum hubs that are gray anodized and have serrated locknuts to keep the wheels securely attached. Use the HPI Z956 wrench or a 24mm hex socket for the wheel nuts.

#102530 ALUMINUM WHEEL HEX HUB SET 24mm (GRAY/4pcs) $45.00

Name:  67165_000p-001.jpg
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D8 Lightweight Clear Body

Lower your CG with our all new lightweight D8 Clear body.

#67165 HB D8 Lightweight Clear Body $25.00

Name:  67166_000p-001.jpg
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Ve8 Lightweight Clear Body

Lower your CG with our all new lightweight Ve8 Clear body.

#67166 HB Ve8 Lightweight Clear Body $29.00

RPM Narrow Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set

Name:  80782-001.jpg
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New from RPM:

A few months ago, we released a roof-mounted light bar set that worked on all 1/8th and 1/10th scale Short Course bodies. That left a huge gap in who could run lights on their vehicles. Our newest light set – the RPM Narrow Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set cuts a full 2” off of the width, reducing the number of LED light canisters to four and allows virtually anyone running a vehicle with a minimum 4” body width to run LED lights on their vehicle. The list of vehicles this includes is quite extensive, including many popular sellers such as: Traxxas T-Maxx, Traxxas Revo, Traxxas 1/16th scale Mini Slash, Traxxas Rustler, Traxxas Stampede, Associated MGT, Associated T4, HPI Savage, HPI E-Firestorm, HPI E-Firestorm Flux, Losi LST/LST2, Losi XXX-T, Duratrax Evader and many, many more!

The goal of our Narrow Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set was to recreate a scale version of those light bars found in full-sized racing while striving for some reasonable amount of crash-survivability. Our Light Bar Set uses a unique hinged system that in the event of a rollover, the light bar will fold against the body to help reduce impact damage. The light set is designed to bolt to the front windshield of the truck (although with sufficient room, it can be mounted to the rear window as well), keeping the profile low and in the perfect position to light up the night. Each kit comes with a pair of large backing plates that help protect the body where the screws hold the light bar in place.

Each kit comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware, light canisters, molded parts and instructions. The instructions also show how to easily create your own LED light set-up with a few basic electronics skills, some tools and a little patience.

We mold these light bar sets in black and chrome to match or contrast any paint and color scheme.

Tech Notes: LED lights are not included. The RPM Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set can fit any number of applications. Due to the scale appearance of this light bar set, we cannot properly strengthen all aspects of the lights. Therefore, some warranty restrictions may apply. See instructions for complete details.

#80782 Narrow Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set – Black
#80783 Narrow Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set – Chrome

Suggested Retail Price

Black $15.95
Chrome $17.95

Name:  80782Ins.jpg
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Losi Bind-N-Drive 1/18 Mini-Rock Crawler

Name:  LOSB0222-ACT3.jpg
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New from Losi:

The world's most popular 1/18-scale rock crawler is available in a money-saving Bind-N-Drive version.

Losi’s Mini-Rock Crawler Bind-N-Drive utilizes design elements from real-world rock crawling competitors. A multi-link suspension and solid 4mm axles provide the ultimate combination of lightweight agility and strength. The full-time 4WD drivetrain powers all 4 wheels through a center-mounted 3-gear transmission with a spool and slipper, providing grip and torque at each and every wheel. The positioning of the transmission provides the Mini-Rock Crawler with outstanding balance for tackling the toughest climbs and maneuvers. Heavy-duty metal ring and pinion gears, solid axles and axle shafts combined with a full set of ball bearings provide the Mini-Rock Crawler with durability for extreme, precision climbs.

On top of the outstanding handling elements, Losi has loaded the Mini-Rock Crawler with the electronics you need for serious control and torque. A Losi receiver with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology provides crystal-free, no-interference control. Power comes from a high-torque Losi electric motor, controlled by a crawler-tuned forward and reverse electronic speed control that keeps the Mini-Rock Crawler smooth and stable on the most uneven terrain. An extra amount of drag brake was added to hold the vehicle in the steepest of grades. The Crawler also features a high-torque rock-crawling-specific servo packed with power.

To fully achieve the scale look of the full-scale rock crawling machines, Losi designed a Tuber-style body, available in Gun Metal Gray or Electric Green for the BND version. To provide the traction that rock crawling demands, Losi adapted their unbeatable 1/10-scale Rock Claw 2.2 tires for the smaller size, resulting in Mini-Rock Claw tires. Mounted to beadlock-style wheels, the Mini Rock Crawler can clamber and climb nearly any obstacle with ease. With a rechargeable battery pack and wall charger included, the Mini-Rock Crawler is the only choice for 1/18-scale rock crawling performance.

  • Bind-N-Drive vehicle does not include a transmitter, allowing you the freedom to use the Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM transmitter of your choice
  • Metal Twin Vertical Plate (TVP) chassis design
  • Multi-link crawler suspension design
  • Heavy-duty metal ring and pinion gears, axles and axle shafts
  • Gusseted drive cases for increased strength and durability
  • A true locked-out rear end design, no steering spindles
  • Heavy-duty universals with slide-type outdrives and metal yolks
  • Alloy lower suspension links with captured ends
  • Extra long oil-filled shocks, front and rear
  • Solid axles with optimized drive shaft angles allow for a freely rotating driveline throughout the entire suspension travel
  • Telescoping slider driveshafts
  • 3-gear center transmission with spool and slipper
  • 4WD with locked differentials
  • Ball bearings throughout
  • 1.9" Beadlock-style wheels with 12mm wheel hexes
  • New electronic FWD/RWD rock crawling specific speed controller (ESC) with extra drag brake
  • High-torque rock crawler specific motor
  • Mini high-torque rock crawling servo
  • Tuber-style body with scale looks of full-scale rock crawling machines (2 colors to choose from: Gun Metal Gray and Electric Green)
  • Features Mini-Rock Claw tires for superior traction (modeled after the National Champion winning 1/10-scale Rock Claw 2.2 tires)
  • Losi receiver featuring Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology for crystal-free operation
  • 7.2V 1100mAh NiMH battery and charger

Product Specifications

Type: 1.9 Rock Crawler
Scale: 1/18
Length: 12 inches (304.8mm)
Width: 7 inches (177.8mm)
Wheelbase: 8.5 inches (215.9mm)
Weight: 2.04 Lb (926g)
Chassis: Metal Twin Vertical Plate (TVP)
Suspension: Multi-Link
Drivetrain: 4WD with Lock Differentials
Tire Type: Mini Rock Claw Tires
Speed Control: Electronic FWD/RWD with drag brake
Radio: Losi Receiver with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM Technology
Batteries: 7.2V 1100mAh NiMH Battery (included)
Charger: Wall Charger (included)
Wheel Size: 1.9 inches (48.26mm) (hex is 12mm)
Kit/RTR: Bind-N-Drive
Body: Prepainted, Tuber-Style in Gun Metal Gray or Electric Green
Ball Bearings: Complete

Needed to Complete

Surface Transmitter with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM Technology

LOSB0222BD - $209.99

Name:  LOSB0222-GAL3.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0222-GAL5.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0222-GAL6.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0222-GAL7.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0222-GAL8.jpg
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Size:  109.9 KB


Name:  LOSB0222-GAL9.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0222-GAL10.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0222-GAL10b.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0222-GAL11.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0222-GAL12.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0222-GAL13.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0222-GAL14.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0222-GAL15.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0222-GAL16.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0222-GAL17.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0222-GAL18.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0222BD-Gal2.jpg
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JConcepts Slash 4x4 compatibility and Manta Sneak peek

Name:  Manta_1200px_Flyer-1024x662.jpg
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Size:  259.6 KB

New from JConcepts:

The Slash 4x4 is the hottest new truck on the market. JConcepts has this exciting new vehicle covered with all the latest bodies, tires and wheels.

The following JConcepts products are Slash 4x4 compatible or direct fit.

Bodies -

0076 - Iluzion - Slash - Truth body
0080 - Illuzion - BAJR - Traxxas Slash Desert body
0086 - Illuzion - Dare - Traxxas Slash body

Tires -

3041 - Goose Bumps - green compound (fits SCT 3.0" x 2.2" wheel

Wheels -

3322 - Rulux - Slash 4x4 – F-R wheel - (white) - 2pc.
3322B - Rulux - Slash 4x4 – F-R wheel - (black) - 2pc.

Coming soon –

0064 - Illuzion - Slash, Slash 4x4 and SC10 - Manta body


Hudy Socket Driver # 5.0mm & # 5.5mm

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New from Hudy:

This lightweight, compact duraluminum tool is a very versatile and unique tool, and is bound to be a one of the most valuable tools in your toolbox. The 5.0mm socket fits M2.5 nuts and the 5.5mm socket fits M3 nuts.

The 5.0mm socket is the best tool for tightening/loosening M2.5 nuts from off-road shock pistons. The 5.5mm socket is the best tool for tightening/loosening M3 nuts, such as those on the following: M3 nuts that secure off-road shocks to shock towers, M3 nuts that connect camber linkages with C-hubs and uprights, rear arm with upright, and steering linkages with Ackermann plate. Also used for mounting a touring car bodyshell rear wing.
  • Lightweight, compact socket driver
  • 2-in-1 versatile and unique tool
  • 5.0mm socket fits M2.5 nut
  • 5.5mm socket fits M3 nut
  • Strong duraluminum
  • Black anodized
  • Laser engraved

#170005 Socket Driver # 5.0mm & # 5.5mm

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Kyosho Inferno MP9 E Brushless 1/8th Buggy

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New from Kyosho:

Kyosho's French site has posted this new buggy from Kyosho. At this time there isn't much information on it, but here is what they said when translated to English.

The MP9 E will be available in February 2010. This version takes again a great majority of the kit of the MP9 Racing Buggy, namely the anodic shock absorbers gun-metal, as well as the anodic parts of the same color, unlike a black anodic frame. The body is specific.


Length: 490mm
Width: 307mm
Height: 180mm
Wheelbase: 325mm
Tread: 254mm (F) /254mm (R)
Weight Approx 3370g
Gear Ratio: 12.6:1

Kit contents:
  • Frame kit
  • 1 module steel pinion GEAR
  • Clear Body
  • Decals
  • 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3mm Hex Wrench
  • Wrench Cross-country race
  • 17mm Wheel Wrench

Required for operation
  • 2ch TX /RX (1 servo)
  • BL ESC
  • BL Motor
  • Battery for TX
  • Battery for frame and to charge
  • Tires & Wheels
  • Shock oil
  • Super glue
  • Paint for body

MP9 E #30895B

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Traxxas Slash 4X4 Platinum Edition

The latest from Traxxas:

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Traxxas Slash 4X4 Platinum Edition

Already one of the most eagerly anticipated Traxxas vehicles ever, the new Slash 4X4 is now available in Platinum Edition trim. This factory-works race truck checks nearly every box on the Slash 4X4 option sheet to deliver the ultimate in short-course racing performance, and leaves the choice of radio gear and battery to the user. Slash 4X4 Platinum Edition also includes a clear body so racers can apply their own signature style. In addition to all the standard Slash 4X4 features, the Platinum Edition includes hard-anodized aluminum Big Bore™ shocks with titanium nitride shafts; blue-anodized aluminum C-hubs, steering blocks, rear hub carriers, and axle nuts; front and rear swaybars in two thicknesses; soft S1-compound BFGoodrich® Mud-Terrain™ T/A® tires; and a sealed, silicone-filled center differential that can be installed in place of the standard Revo®-spec slipper clutch. Everything else is factory-installed and fully prepped for on-track performance.

Standard Slash 4X4 Features:

• Fully assembled
• Full-time 4WD, 40+mph out-of-the-box!
• Licensed BFGoodrich® Mud Terrain™ T/A® tires
• Rigid chassis design
• Long-travel suspension
• Bellcrank steering system with integrated servo saver
• Powerful, efficient brushless Velineon 3500 motor
• VXL-3s waterproof electronic speed control
• Digital, ball bearing, waterproof steering servo
• Waterproof electronics – race in dirt, mud, and water
• Traxxas High-Current Connector
• Blue-anodized, lightweight aluminum driveshaft
• Revo®-spec sealed, silicone-filled differentials
• Patented Torque-Control™ slipper clutch
• Heavy Duty 4mm steel turnbuckles
• Precision high-quality hex hardware throughout
• Efficient rubber-sealed ball bearings

Additional Slash 4X4 Platinum Edition Features:

• Blue-anodized aluminum C-Hubs
• Blue-anodized aluminum steering blocks
• Blue-anodized aluminum rear hub carriers
• Blue-anodized aluminum axle nuts
• Hard-anodized, Teflon-coated Big Bore shocks with
titanium nitride shafts
• Front and rear swaybars
• Optional extra-stiff swaybar set
• S1-compund, officially-licensed BFGoodrich
Mud-Terrain T/A tires
• Clear polycarbonate body with overspray film and
window masks
• Die-cut decals with details and sponsor logos
• Sealed, silicone filled center differential (included separately.
Installs trackside in just minutes replacing the Torque Control
• Includes Traxxas digital, high-torque, ball-bearing steering

Transmitter, receiver, batteries, and charger not included.

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RB Innovations SILVER BULLET Nitrous Injection System

The latest from RC Innovations:

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This direct injection nitrous system allows switch activated ground pounding performance gains.

* Typical power gains of 20% to 45% (depends on engine, pipe and Reed valve combination)
* Nitrous System Breakdown Reliable rugged construction takes the ultimate punishment
* System weighs less than 2 ounces
* Easy to install and maintain
* System can be used on any application
* Gas or Nitro Use

Shedding more then half its weight, the Silver Bullet weighs in at less then 2 oz. This direct injection nitrous system allows switch activated ground pounding performance gains. This next generation design integrates the entire system within one compact unit. The quick disconnect mounting bracket can be used to securely mount the system anywhere on any vehicle. The system is triggered by the fast acting micro switch which is easily mounted for precision activation from any throttle position you set. This state of the art nitrous injection system allows supreme control of the nitrous through our new patent pending Reed Valve Technology. This ultra fine control allows direct injection into the engine with NO wasted nitrous. This design offers the maximum run time per cartridge with maximum efficiency. Four different sizes of reed valves available for various stages of horsepower gains you require.

Silver Bullet Nitrous Injection kit #NS5000 includes:

* Completely assembled rapid firing Silver Bullet assembly
* High strength aluminum housing
* Universal arming and ast acting micro WOT switch
* E-Z Clip in Mount for fast installation and Nitrous cell replacement
* S2 Reed Valve Assembly (NS5000 Series) [PATENT PENDING]
* Quick connector for silicone flex tubing
* 9 volt battery connector and wire
* 3 FREE 8 gram cartridges
* Polished Aluminum, Anodized Blue and Purple NOW available!
* Assembly Instructions

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RC4WD Gear: Rok Lok 4.0 Comp Tires, Outlaw Baja Racing Wheels

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New from RC4WD:

Name:  Rok Lox 4.0.jpg
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(shown mounted on our Rockbull kit)

Rok Lok 4.0 Comp Tires

Our ever popular Rok Lox tires just got bigger. These are one of the most scale looking 4.0 tires available to date. The Rok Lox 4.0 is manufactured with the most advanced rubber compound. These are sure to give you some aggressive bite on the rock!


Outer Diameter: 8.62" (219mm)
Width: 3.14" (80mm)
Inner Diameter: 4" (101mm)
Reinforced sidewall support
X3 sticky compound

What's included:
  • 2x Rok Lox 40 Series Tires
  • 2x Memory Foams

Retail Price $44.99 pr
Part number Z-T0012

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Name:  Outlaw 5T 2.jpg
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Outlaw Baja Racing Wheels

These are the new Outlaw Baja 5T racing wheels from RC4WD. The new wheels offer a scale CORR racing look for that ultimate trophy truck look.
  • CNC machined 6061 aluminum
  • 24mm hex mount
  • Fit HPI Baja 5T type tires
  • 400g/14.10oz (front wheels)
  • 424g/15.00oz (rear wheels)
  • Same offset as stock wheels

What's included:
  • 4x RC4WD Outlaw Baja Racing Wheels (2 front and 2 rear)

Note: 60% screws on the beadlock are fake for display purpose.

Retail Price $299.99
Part number Z-W0027

In stock and available thru our Baja Distributor TGN.

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Axial SCX10 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD Truck Kit w/Trail Honcho Body
New from Axial:
  • Based on the popular SCX10 chassis
  • Realistic c-channel steel ladder style frame for that real truck look
  • Molded skid plate for less hang ups
  • Realistic shock hoops with multiple mounting positions
  • Coilover shocks – dual rate springs provide maximum off-road performance
  • Battery tray with Velcro straps makes changing batteries easier and accommodates standard 7.2V stick packs and larger LiPo batteries
  • Enclosed radio box protects receiver from dust and debris
  • Slipper Clutch – enhances the durability of the drive train when in binds
  • Pro-Line Flat Irons tires – Excellent traction and grip on most surfaces
  • Beadlock Wheels – Real beadlock wheels, never glue tires again
  • Proven durability – Axles and transmission are directly from the original AX10 Scorpion
  • Trail Honcho Lexan Body
  • Photorealistic die-cut premium vinyl decals include window frames, headlight, grille, tail lights and more!
  • Overspray film and pre-cut vinyl window masks make painting fast and simple.
  • Dimple marks for body post drill locations.
  • Made from durable .040” clear polycarbonate plastic for long life
  • Realistic cab with composite plastic molded rear cage with realistic diamond plate bed insert
  • Spare tire carrier/mount
  • Realistic LED headlight buckets
  • Durable composite rock sliders protect your body from damage and allows you to slide over rocks
  • Realistic tube style front bumper with aluminum skid plates
  • Functional spare tire/wheel included!
  • LED light bucket set – Includes 7 different styles of light buckets to hold 5mm and 3mm LED lights. Also has realistic plastic lenses.
  • All hex socket hardware

Chassis Dimensions

Wheelbase: 313mm (12.3”)
Width: 227mm (9”)
Height: 150mm (5.9”)
Weight: 1814g (4.0 lbs)
Ground Clearance: 68mm (2.7”)
Body Dimensions

Length: 457mm (18”)
Width: 216mm (8.5”)
Height: 137mm (5.4”)

Required Items

Radio: 2 Channel
Servos: 1 (Standard Size)
Forward/Reverse ESC
Motor: 540/550 Size
(1) 7.2v Stick Pack Battery

AX90014 - Axial SCX10 - 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD Truck - Kit w/Trail Honcho Body - $275.00


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RC8T Factory Team Championship Edition 1:8 Scale Nitro 4WD Off-road Truggy Kit

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New from Team Associated:

After TQ’ing all four rounds of qualifying, Team Associated’s RC8T Factory Team kit took first place at the 2009 ROAR Nationals! Driven by Ryan Maifield and powered by the Reedy 121VR .21 competition engine, the RC8T performed as it was designed to and brought home the big win!

Inspired by this achievement, Associated is proud to introduce the RC8T Factory Team Championship Edition Kit. The RC8T CE kit has added many new features to the original RC8T that make it an even more potent race machine. Improved strength, durability, rough track handling and overall performance are all qualities built into the RC8T CE making it the most competitive Team Associated truggy to date.

RC8T Factory Team Championship Edition Kit Features:
  • Pre-assembled shocks, diffs and turnbuckles with Factory Team shock and diff fluids included.
  • Factory Team 16mm “Big Bore” threaded, hard-anodized shocks feature heavy-duty 4mm TiN coated stainless steel shock shafts for durability and reduced stiction.
  • Updated 5mm 7075 blue aluminum shock towers with additional rear camber link options.
  • Revised front upper camber link assembly allows for easier adjustments and maintenance.
  • 7075 blue aluminum suspension mounts key into chassis for maximum durability.
  • Molded bushings allow for easy adjustment of caster, rear toe-in, rear anti-squat, and front kick-up.
  • Updated steering geometry for more consistency and reduced bump-steer.
  • Molded composite radio tray includes optional forward placement battery box for increased corner speed.
  • Molded composite front and rear chassis braces for increased chassis response.
  • Blue aluminum Narrow hex adapters with pin retainer clips and nylon locking wheel nuts.
  • JConcepts Punisher body features a low profile design for a lower C.G., improved air flow and quicker fueling.
  • JConcepts Illuzion wing pre-drilled for RC8T.
  • JConcepts tires and foam inserts.
  • Three aluminum clutch shoes with full sets of 1.0mm and 1.1mm clutch springs.
  • Factory Team 7075 blue aluminum one-piece top plate.
  • Lightweight 3mm 7075 hard-anodized chassis.
  • 4.30:1 ratio gearboxes with a 14T clutchbell and 54T spur gear.
  • Heatsink brake discs with “FFC” Free Float Caliper brake system eliminates unwanted brake drag.
  • Two-piece split-center diff mount allows easy access to the center diff.
  • 3.5mm light CVA drivetrain with full ball bearings.
  • Rear molded CVA boots to keep dirt and mud out of rear joints.
  • Lightweight engine mounts.

RC8T FT CE Specifications:

Scale: 1:8
Power : Nitro
Length: 555mm
Width: 410mm
Track: 346mm
Weight: 4230g*
Wheelbase: 375mm
Internal Gear Ratio: 4.30:1
Drive: 4WD

*Actual weight will vary depending on the engine, exhaust, electronics, and tires used in the finished kit.

RC8T Factory Team Championship Edition Kit
MSRP: $899.99
Availability: December 2009

Recommended engine for this truggy:

#800 Reedy 121VR .21 Nitro Engine
$429.99 MSRP

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new from hpi 

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:homaston, CT
Posts: 757
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RTR Crawler King with Land Rover Defender 90 Body

HPI makes getting into crawling simple and fun with the RTR Crawler King with Land Rover® Defender 90® Body ready to run truck! With its tall Rock Grabber tires, heavy beadlock wheels, super-narrow chassis, front-mounted battery and motor, full-time 4WD and locked gearboxes, you will be the king of the mountain!

Crawling allows you to attack near-vertical cliffs, slick rock faces and piles of mountain rubble! Although in competitions the truck owners compete against each other, the magic appeal of rock crawling is that each driver competes against their own abilities, trusting in the strength of their equipment and the machine that is bringing them up the hill.

The Perfect All-Around RC Truck!

The Crawler King is a fantastic RTR rock crawler that can go anywhere - mud, sand, asphalt, rock, gravel and much more! The drivetrain is rock-solid and the parts are durable so you can come back from falls and tumbles. The Crawler King performs like a champ and is strong enough to get over just about anything you can get to! It also looks great with chrome wheels, off-road tires and painted and detailed body! The Crawler King makes an ideal first-time RC vehicle!

When you're ready to hit the rocks, the Crawler King gets you started crawling with ease - with the ultra-flexible Wheely King 4x4 chassis as a starting point, we've added the excellent #87633 Rock Crawler Conversion for the best weight distribution, extra articulation and tuning, plus #4896 Rock Grabber tires for extreme grip and finally #3213 Rock 8 beadlock 2.2 inch wheels in chrome for great style and extra weight down low, right where you need it!

To provide precise control for the Crawler King, we've added the excellent HPI TF-1 radio set with SF-1 servo and the torquey Crawler 55T motor provides the power, while an EN-1 reversible speed controller handles the power.

The RTR Crawler King is ready for competition in the 2.2 crawler class, with over 15cm (6 inches) of suspension travel and wheelbase that extends to the maximum legal length! You can easily tune the shock positions and lower link positions, giving you plenty of options to get your crawling rig to the top of the pile!

Long Wheelbase

For extreme stability when crawling up steep inclines, the RTR Crawler King uses long links that extend the wheelbase significantly over the normal Wheely King. Cool anodized aluminum links with pivot balls control the suspension linkage, giving you loads of articulation for extreme angles!

Front Mounted Battery

The chassis of the RTR Crawler King features a front-mounted battery compartment to optimize weight distribution over the front wheels. This is the ideal place to put the weight of the single heaviest component in the truck, giving you supreme climbing power as you tackle those tough inclines!

Amazing Rock Grabber Crawling Tires

HPI Racing Rock Grabber Tires are high grip tires designed for rocky terrain. These rock crawling tires are molded with sticky S compound rubber for excellent grip on all kinds of rocks. The blocky tread pattern wraps around the sidewall of the tire for extra grip in challenging conditions. These are true beadlock tires, made to fit HPI rock crawling wheels using 6-hole beadlock rings to keep the tire securely mounted on the wheel without the need for messy super glue.

Crawler 55T Motor

The new 550-size Crawler 55-turn motor gives you the ideal amount of torque and RPM to get over tough, steep boulders! This all-new motor is perfectly suited for the Crawler King and new crawling aficionados, and features a closed-endbell brushed design which is nearly maintenance-free!

Custom Beadlock Wheels

HPI Rock 8 no-glue beadlock wheels are included to give the Crawler King a custom look and allow you to change wheel weights, foams and tires whenever you need to. With beadlock wheels there's no gluing, and no mess! There's nothing like the look and style of real beadlock wheels, and these new 'mag' style wheels look amazing and perfect for the ultimate scale crawler look!

Slider Driveshafts

Getting the power from the transmission to the axles are a pair of tough sliding driveshafts. When combined with the diff lockers inside the axles, these are the best way to transfer power in a vehicle with so much articulation - the distance between the axles and transmission vary as the truck goes over obstacles, so sliding joints and locked diffs are the ideal way to get the power to the ground.

Multiple Lower Shock and Link Mounts

To give you the best tuning options and increase the amount of ground clearance, HPI designers have included a new lower shock and link mount with several extra mounting locations. This gives you a multitude of options for tackling the toughest climbs, inclines and rock piles.

Monster Truck Body Mounts

For custom style you can't beat the option of attaching different bodies on your crawler. We've included a full set of Savage-size body mounts for fitting dozens of different monster truck bodies! Simply use your Savage or other monster truck body for a quick and easy style change!

Scale Looks

We haven't forgotten about great looks, either: topped with the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon body and featuring bright chrome beadlock wheels, the Crawler King is ready for scale concours honors!

Optional Super-Low Gearing

If you're ready to compete, it's a simple matter to add the #87634 Reduction Gear Box Set that makes the gear ratio an astounding 174 to 1, for the most amount of torque for climbing the steepest inclines! The stock Crawler King and Wheely King gear ratio is 23 to 1, so you will instantly see the impressive hill-climbing torque that the Reduction Gear Box Set will give you!

Easy Customization

The Crawler King can fit a massive variety of Savage, Wheely King and E-Savage bodies, plus any of the huge variety of 2.2 inch beadlock and 1/10th truck wheels and tires! You can change the look of the Crawler King as often as you like!
RTR versions allow you to choose scale replicas of the Land Rover Defender 90 or Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Fitted and painted. Fully assembled RTR chassis is ready to go crawling on the steepest rocks. Solid axle design and extra-grippy Rock Grabber tires for fantastic traction.

Loaded with Features

Long wheelbase design provides stability and traction TVP design is narrowest crawler chassis available for extra maneuverability. Sealed pinion and spur gear to prevent debris & stones from damaging the gears. Sealed solid axles are very durable and ready for competition. Metal hub adapters fit any HPI 1/10th truck wheels and crawler wheels. Sliding driveshafts transfer power securely as suspension moves throughout full range. Fully capable long-stroke suspension gives over 15cm of wheel travel

Everything Included!

With a completely assembled RTR chassis, painted body and a full set of electronics, it's a simple matter of adding 8 AA batteries in the radio and charging the truck battery to have some fun!

The RTR Crawler King features a high-quality HPI TF-1 27MHz transmitter for proportional control, reliable SF-1 steering servo, reversing EN-1 electronic speed control and brand new Crawler 55T crawling-specific motor.

All electronics are standard size and feature industry-standard connectors for easy upgrades and full compatibility with most common RC electronics. That means you can easily use the Crawler King radio system with other cars or you can upgrade any individual component of the radio gear in your Crawler King as you wish. The Crawler King is easy to upgrade - install a different motor to suit your crawling needs, or pop in a different battery for even longer runtimes!

  • Fully assembled crawler truck
  • Ready to Run with a pre-built chassis, assembled tires and installed electronics
  • Available with Jeep Wrangler Rubicon pre-painted & pre-cut bodies with decals applied
  • Full-time 4WD with sealed drivetrain
  • Long wheelbase chassis for sure-footed stability
  • Over 15cm (6 inches) of articulation to get over any obstacle
  • HPI Crawler 55T high-torque crawler-specific motor
  • HPI EN-1 reversible electronic speed controller
  • HPI TF-1 steering wheel radio system with SF-1 steering servo
  • HPI Rock Grabber crawling tires
  • HPI Rock 8 2.2 inch beadlock wheels with stainless steel rings
  • Front-mounted battery holder for optimal weight distribution
  • Slider driveshafts for secure power transfer
  • Multiple lower shock and link mounts for competition tuning
  • Savage body mounts to fit huge variety of Savage and monster truck bodies
  • Easily upgradeable electronics
  • Battery pack, charger and 8 AA batteries for transmitter not included

OFNA Hyper 10 SC Pro 4x4 Truck Kit

Name:  ofn14615.jpg
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New from OFNA:

The OFNA Hyper SC 10 Pro 4x4 is a kick in the pants 1/10 scale 4 wheel drive short course truck kit that is competitive right out of the box. This truck is right at home on the track running with 1/8 scales nitros and electrics. No more having to hide in the corners waiting for the big bad 1/8 bullies to go by. Now, THEY may be the ones getting out of the way when you use your front fender on their backside. This kit is 90% pre assembled and includes chassis, wheels, tires, and unpainted body.

Kit Features:
  • CNC Aluminum Engine Mount
  • Front CVD's
  • Full Ball Bearings
  • CNC Aluminum Threaded Racing Shocks
  • Front, Rear and Center Oil Filled Differentials
  • Machined Steel Ring and Pinion Gears
  • Steel Main Spur Gear
  • Hard Anodized Aluminum Chassis
  • Hard Anodized Shock Towers
  • Clear Unpainted Body


Length: 21 inches
Wheel Base: 12.75 inches
Width: 11 inches
Weight: 3.7 pounds (no electronics)

Kit Requires:

Radio with receiver (SPM20210)
Servo (HS645MG)
Speed Controller and Motor (Mambo Max)
Battery Pack (LiPo Battery)
Charger (Lipo Charger)

Kit Combos:

Mamba Max Combo Includes:
  • Hyper 10 SC Kit
  • Mamba Max Brushless ESC
  • Neu-Castle 6900 Kv Brushless Motor

Radio & Mamba Max Combo Includes:
  • Hyper 10 SCKit
  • Spectrum DX 2.0 Radio
  • Hitec HS645MG Servo
  • Mamba Max Brushless ESC
  • Neu-Castle 6900 Kv Brushless Motor


Name:  ofn14615_1.jpg
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Name:  ofn14615_7.jpg
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Name:  ofn14615_8.jpg
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Name:  ofn14615_9.jpg
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Name:  ofn14615_10.jpg
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Name:  ofn14615_11.jpg
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new from tamiya  


Celebrating 30 Years of RC

Name:  ROUGH_RIDER box art.jpg
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The “Buggy Champ” (AKA: Rough Rider) started the R/C buggy boom after its release in 1979. This popular RC Buggy, designed by Mr. Fumito Taki, became the foundation on which other R/C car manufactures such as Team Losi and Associated Electric based their early models on. Tamiya is now proud to re-release the Buggy Champ to celebrate its 30th year anniversary. The chassis retains its original design and features like the unique front double trailing arms and rear torsion suspension, but has been updated to meet the requirements of today’s running conditions.

Name:  58441.jpg
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Size:  44.1 KB

Specifications and Features:
  1. 1/10 R/C assembly kit
  2. Length 400mm
  3. Full ball bearings
  4. White plastic body
  5. ESC and 540 size motor included
  6. Loaded with redesigned features for improved performance: 2mm thick FRP duralumin reinforced chassis, reinforced die-cast front and rear suspension arms, front axle, gear case, oil dampers and wheel hubs
  7. Transparent waterproof radio box

Note: Modeler will have to make purchase a 5 cell battery pack to fit the battery compartment. Modern day 7.2 stick packs will not fit the compartment.

Name:  Buggy Champ-chassis.JPG
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Name:  Buggy Champ-Chassis-top.JPG
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Name:  Buggy Champ-Front sus..JPG
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Name:  Buggy Champ-Gear Box.JPG
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Duratrax Vendetta SC 1/18th RTR Short Course Racing Truck

Name:  dtxd17xxas01g-top-lg.jpg
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New from Duratrax:

Ultra High-RPM VR3 Motor

Our fastest motor, and the perfect power plant for extreme short course racing!

ESC7550 Electronic Speed Control

With reverse and brake, as well as a heat sink.

2.4GHz radio system

With adjustable steering rate, TSX-200 steering servo & receiver w/internal antenna.

The aggressive 1/18th scale short course truck that features:
  • Tactic™ 2.4GHz radio system with adjustable steering rate and compact receiver with internal antenna
  • Fully adjustable independent suspension
  • Powerful VR3 380-sized motor
  • ESC7550 electronic speed control with reverse and brake
  • Dependable, shaft-driven 4WD
  • Full ball bearings
  • Painted body with clear windows


Length: 12.75 in (324 mm)
Width: 6.6 in (168 mm)
Height: 4.5 in (115 mm)
Wheelbase: 7.25 in (185 mm)
Weight: 27 oz (770 g)
Includes: Fully Assembled Vendetta SC Truck, 2.4GHz Radio System
Requires: 6-cell 2/3A NiMH battery, charger, 4 “AA” alkaline batteries

DuraTrax is so confident of the Vendetta SC durability that we cover all Stress-Tech parts with a 1-year FREE Replacement Guarantee!


Name:  dtxd17xxbs06x-lg.jpg
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Name:  dtxd17xxbi01g-back-lg.jpg
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Name:  dtxd17xxbi02g1-lg.jpg
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Name:  dtxd17xxbi03g1-lg.jpg
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Name:  dtxd17xxaa05g-lg.jpg
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Name:  dtxd17xxaa06g-lg.jpg
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Name:  dtxd17xxaa07g-lg.jpg
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Name:  dtxd17xxaa09g-lg.jpg
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Name:  dtxd17xxaa11g-lg.jpg
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Name:  dtxd17xxaa12g-lg.jpg
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Name:  dtxd17xxaa18g-lg.jpg
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RC4WD 1/10 Fracture V8 Engine with build-in Transfer Case

Name:  DSC_0374.jpg
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New from RC4WD:

This is the world first scale V8 engine that fits a 540 motor inside. Imagine opening the hood of your scale truck to show your buddies what is powering your truck, then they find you have a real motor under the hood. This motor houses a 540 sized motor. It sends power from the motor thru to the lower transfer case. Then you can hook up either 2 wheels or 4 wheels.

  • CNC machined billet V8 engine housing
  • Fit 540 electronic motor
  • 1:19 gear ratio
  • Weight: 824grams/29oz
  • Designed to fit 32P 18T to 22T pinion gears
  • Gun metal powdercoated color
  • Engineered by Leo Lipp-Neighbours
  • Manufactured by RC4WD

What's included:
  • 1x 1/10 Fracture V8 Engine
  • 1x 22 Tooth Pinion Gear

Optional part:
  • FJ40 Scale Chassis for V8 Engine (Part X-XXXX)


This is not a functional V8 Engine, this engine is designed to fit a 540 size motor inside.

Z-S0053 - $249.99

Name:  DSC_0375.jpg
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Name:  DSC_0377.jpg
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Name:  DSC_0378.jpg
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Name:  gfgfgf-002.jpg
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Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless Edition

Name:  3908_3qtr_red.jpg
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Size:  81.6 KB

New from Traxxas:

Designed From The Start For Brushless Power

At Traxxas, we don’t make conversions. We built it right the first time. So, when our engineers sat down to design the latest E-Maxx, they made sure it had all the strength and durability needed for today’s most powerful aftermarket brushless setups. Give E-Maxx all you’ve got; its Brushless-Ready™ transmission is built for hard-hitting 6S LiPo power with the burliest brushless motors, and every component between the motor and the tires is proven tough for full-throttle fun, pack after pack, with the durability and reliability you expect from Traxxas.

Castle Creations Mamba Monster Brushless System

Built specifically to handle the rigors of large, power-hungry trucks, the Mamba Monster speed control is ready for 6S LiPo power with its massive 6.5mm gold-plated connectors, high-efficiency heatsink, integrated cooling fan and heavy-duty components. The speed control sends its power pulses to a Castle 2200Kv 75mm motor, designed specially for maximum performance and reliability with 6S LiPo power in torque-hungry applications. The aluminum motor can is machined to act as a massive heatsink, high-grade bearings deliver maximum efficiency, and high-strength Neodymium magnets give E-Maxx Brushless Edition outrageous torque. To resist the twist, a beefy 5mm shaft transfers power to the Brushless-Ready transmission.

Heavy-Duty 17mm Hex Hubs

E-Maxx Brushless Edition's 17mm splined aluminum hex hubs make certain its considerable horsepower is delivered directly to the treads. The splined design is extra strong with unsurpassed torque handling to resist twist-out no matter how hard the 2200Kv motor pulls at the tires. The unique hex-hub shape also accepts standard 17mm-hex wheels.

Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz Transmitter and 4-channel Micro Receiver

Extreme speed and power calls for extreme control, and Traxxas delivers with the proven TQ 2.4GHz radio system. The TQ’s ergonomic design houses spread-spectrum circuitry, eliminating the need for crystals and channels. Just switch on and drive; the 2.4GHz circuitry automatically locates an open channel for glitch-free operation, and the high-power transmitter gives you long-range control with the security of built-in fail-safe circuitry.

Massive 6.3” Maxx Tires

Extreme Brushless Power goes wasted if the tires can’t put the power to the ground. E-Maxx Brushless Edition has it covered with some of the toughest treads in Traxxas’ arsenal, the aggressive Maxx tires used on the hard-hitting Revo 3.3 and T-Maxx 3.3. These massive meats offer tenacious grip, and their huge footprint gives E-Maxx greater stability and generous ground clearance for all-terrain fun. The tires are securely mounted to Twin-Spoke wheels, now covered in sinister black chrome as part of the exclusive Brushless Edition look.

New ProGraphix® Body

E-Maxx Brushless Edition has a powerful presence even when it’s standing still. The muscular lines of the new body evoke performance with bulging fender flares and cutting-edge graphics that put even custom painters to shame. The new, shorter cab enhances the long-and-low look while providing ample clearance for the motor.

Extended Wheelbase, Low CG Chassis For Rock-Solid Stability

Even at maximum speed, E-Maxx feels stable and controlled thanks to its extra-long 335mm wheelbase, 30mm longer than the original E-Maxx. The chassis also features battery compartments that position the batteries lower, angled in towards the center of the truck to lower its center of gravity. The result is improved handling and cornering stability. Heavy-duty chassis braces work together with a new center skid plate to greatly enhance chassis strength and torsional rigidity, so brushless horsepower is channeled into pure acceleration, not unwanted flex.

Fast, Easy Battery Installation

Traxxas engineers are always looking for ways to make Traxxas products the standard for ease of use. The new snap-lock battery hold downs speed battery installation. Press a lever to release, snap them in to lock. Securing your batteries takes just seconds and there are no clips to lose. The new configurable battery compartments are designed to easily accept either 6 or 7-cell battery packs and comparably sized LiPo packs.

Waterproof, High-Torque, Digital Steering Servos

E-Maxx Brushless Edition is equipped for exceptional steering precision with dual, waterproof, high-torque servos (#2075). Twin servos are lighter and more compact than a single large servo, and together they deliver unmatched monster steering response. The servo saver rides on ball bearings to keep the steering response smooth and precise. In short, it’s the most powerful and responsive Maxx® steering system ever.

Adjustable Wheelie Bar

To handle extreme brushless power, the adjustable Traxxas wheelie bar is mandatory equipment for the E-Maxx Brushless Edition! Four snap-in adjustment positions allow you to choose how extreme you want your wheelie action to be. In the down position, it keeps the front end planted to show off E-Maxx’s incredible acceleration. Raise the wheelie bar to its full-up position and the action gets wild, with giant wheelies that hang on as long as you keep mashing the throttle! The wheelie bar’s unique design allows it to be easily removed in situations where you may not want the additional control.

  • Castle Creations Mamba Monster Brushless System
  • Up to 25.2 Volts of Massive Brushless Power
  • Traxxas Power Cell Batteries Included
  • Heavy-Duty 17mm Hex Hubs
  • New body design and graphics
  • Aggressive 6.3” Maxx-Sized tires
  • Black-Chrome 3.8” Twin-Spoke wheels
  • Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz Radio System
  • Four-Channel micro receiver
  • Top Speed: 50+mph out of the box, 65+mph all-out!

MODEL 3908: Fully assembled, Ready-To-Race®, with TQ™ 2.4GHz radio, Castle Creations Mamba Monster ESC and ProGraphix® painted body.

Name:  3908_front_blue.jpg
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Name:  3908_side_black.jpg
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Name:  3908_Chassis_3qtr-001.jpg
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Name:  3908_Chassis_Overhead-001.jpg
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Name:  7B5R7780_3908-on-rocks-nice.jpg
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Losi 1/24 Micro Rock Crawler RTR & BND (Bind-N-Drive)

Name:  LOSB0236-GAL2.jpg
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Micro Rock Crawler RTR

The Micro Rock Crawler RTR is unlike any crawler you’ve ever seen. First, it’s the smallest crawler around. And second, it’s the first Micro vehicle to have a radio system with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology. That means you can run it wherever you want without any interference. It also means you won’t need as many batteries.

Measuring under 6 inches, the Micro Rock Crawler can pretty much crawl anywhere. You can run it on the couch, over your keyboard, and almost any place outside. The 1/24 Micro Rock Crawler RTR—it’s small in size and big on fun.

  • Integrated DSM receiver/ESC combo
  • Metal worm gears (eliminate the need for a special ESC)
  • 4-link suspension
  • Low-profile solid axle housings
  • Molded telescoping driveshafts
  • Micro transmission designed for low motor mounting
  • Molded skid plate for transmission
  • 3-wire micro crawling servo
  • Powerful micro motor
  • Chrome beadlock-style wheels
  • Realistic soft-compound micro Rock Claw tires
  • Twin vertical plate (TVP) aluminum chassis design
  • NiMH battery and charger
  • Fully decorated micro tuber-style body


Type:Rock Crawler
Length:5.85 inches (148.6mm)
Width:3.5 inches (86.36mm)
Wheelbase:4 inches (101.6mm)
Weight:6.63 oz (188g)
Chassis:Twin Verticle Plate (TVP)
Tire Type:Micro Rock Claws
Radio:Losi Radio System with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM Technology
Batteries:4.8V 150mAh 4-Cell NiMH
Charger:Portable Alkaline Charger
Body:Tuber-Style Rock Crawler Body in Blue or Black

Needed to Complete

Nothing! Everything is inlcuded.

LOSB0236 - 1/24 Micro Rock Crawler RTR - $149.99

Name:  LOSB0236BD-GAL1.jpg
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Size:  26.2 KB

Micro Rock Crawler Bind-N-Drive (BND)

The Micro Rock Crawler Bind-N-Drive (BND) is unlike any crawler you’ve ever seen. First, it’s the smallest crawler around. And second, it’s the first Micro vehicle to have a radio system with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology. That means you can run it wherever you want without any interference. It also means you won’t need as many batteries.

Measuring under 6 inches, the Micro Rock Crawler can pretty much crawl anywhere. You can run it on the couch, over your keyboard, and almost any place outside. The 1/24 Micro Rock Crawler BND—it’s small in size and big on fun.

  • Integrated DSM receiver/ESC combo
  • Metal worm gears (eliminate the need for a special ESC)
  • 4-link suspension
  • Low-profile solid axle housings
  • Molded telescoping driveshafts
  • Micro transmission designed for low motor mounting
  • Molded skid plate for transmission
  • 3-wire micro crawling servo
  • Powerful micro motor
  • Chrome beadlock-style wheels
  • Realistic compound micro Rock Claw tires
  • Twin Vertical Plate (TVP) aluminum chassis design
  • NiMH battery and charger
  • Fully decorated micro tuber-style body

Product Specifications

Type:Rock Crawler
Length:5.85 inches (148.6mm)
Width:3.5 inches (86.36mm)
Wheelbase:4 inches (101.6mm)
Weight:6.63 oz (188g)
Chassis:Twin Verticle Plate (TVP)
Tire Type:Micro Rock Claws
Radio:Losi Receiver with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM Technology (Transmitter not inlcuded)
Batteries:4.8V 150mAh 4C NiMH
Charger:Portable Alkaline Charger
Body:Tuber-Style Rock Crawler Body in Gun Metal Grey or Green

Needed to Complete

Surface DSM Transmitter

LOSB0236BD - 1/24 Micro Rock Crawler Bind N Drive - $119.99

Name:  LOSB0236BD-GAL4.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0236BD-GAL23.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0236-GAL3.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0236-GAL5.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0236-GAL6.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0236-GAL7.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0236-GAL10.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0236-GAL11.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0236-GAL12.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0236-GAL13.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0236-GAL14.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0236-GAL15.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0236-GAL16.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0236-GAL17.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0236-GAL21.jpg
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Name:  LOSB0236-GAL22.jpg
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TCS Crawlers Boulder Aluminum TVP Plate Chassis with Body Panels Package

Name:  P6240042.jpg
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Size:  115.4 KB

New from TCS Crawlers:

TCS Crawlers Boulder Aluminum TVP Plate Chassis with body panels package deal.

  • Two aluminum TVP side plates
  • Body panels (sides, roof, tail, hood/center section)
  • Zip ties
  • Upper link plates
  • Chassis spacers and screws

*Note, black TVPs are shown in the complete truck photos, but aluminum TVPs that are included with this kit are silver in color.

SKU177541 - $49.99

Name:  DSCN3250.jpg
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Name:  DSCN3253.jpg
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Name:  DSCN3254.jpg
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Name:  P6240009.jpg
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Name:  P6240002.jpg
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Name:  P6240012.jpg
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Name:  P6240017.jpg
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Name:  P6240020.jpg
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Name:  tcs.jpg
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ST Racing Concepts Alu Front/Mid & Rear Skid Plates for Traxxas Mini Slash & E-Revo

Name:  ST7037FM.jpg
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Name:  Front+Mid Skid-001.jpg
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Name:  Front+mid Skid 2-001.jpg
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Size:  225.7 KB

ST Racing Concepts ST7037FMB/R/S CNC Machined Aluminum Front + Mid Heavy Duty Skid Plate for 1/16th scale E-Revo and Slash

CNC Machined from high-quality aluminum material, our one piece Front + Mid skid plate for the 1/16th scale E-Revo and Slash will increase durability and add great looks to your Traxxas truck. Direct bolt on and easy to install. Available in anodized blue, red, and silver.

ST7037FMB CNC Machined Aluminum Front + Mid Heavy Duty Skid Plate for 1/16th scale E-Revo and Slash (Blue) MSRP $23.99
ST7037FMR CNC Machined Aluminum Front + Mid Heavy Duty Skid Plate for 1/16th scale E-Revo and Slash (Red) MSRP $23.99
ST7037FMS CNC Machined Aluminum Front + Mid Heavy Duty Skid Plate for 1/16th scale E-Revo and Slash (Silver) MSRP $23.99

Name:  ST7037R.jpg
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Name:  Rear Skid-001.jpg
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Name:  Underside-001.jpg
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Size:  244.2 KB

ST Racing Concepts ST7037RB/R/S CNC Machined Aluminum Rear Heavy Duty Skid Plate for 1/16th scale E-Revo and Slash

Like our Front + Mid skid plate, these rear skid plates are also CNC machined from high-quality aluminum material. These rear skid plate will increase durability and add great looks to your Traxxas truck especially when used in combination with our Front + Mid skid plate. Direct bolt on and easy to install. Available in anodized blue, red, and silver.

ST7037RB CNC Machined Aluminum Rear Heavy Duty Skid Plate for 1/16th scale E-Revo and Slash (Blue) MSRP $18.99
ST7037RR CNC Machined Aluminum Rear Heavy Duty Skid Plate for 1/16th scale E-Revo and Slash (Red) MSRP $18.99
ST7037RS CNC Machined Aluminum Rear Heavy Duty Skid Plate for 1/16th scale E-Revo and Slash (Silver) MSRP $18.99

new from jammin

Name:  jammin_SCRT-10-sneek-peak-001.jpg
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Name:  41115-bFlywheel.jpg
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New from Jammin:

Get the advantages the pro drivers have enjoyed for sometime now. The new Jammin Steel Flywheel gives performance advantages in many different areas.
  • Smoother acceleration off the corner.
  • Better handling on rough and loose conditions.
  • Slight fuel mileage increase.
  • Improved engine idling.
  • Less engine stalls from flywheel interference such as rocks hitting the flywheel.
  • Much more consistent lap times.

Fits: All X2, X1-CR, X1-CR-FTE, X1-RTR, X1-CRT, X1-CRT-RTR

Steel Flywheel fits all .21 and .28 engines

Part # 41115

Name:  41115Flywheel.jpg
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Size:  8.7 KB

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