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here are some pictures of the 2009 event held at the gladwin community arena  located at 402 James Robertson Dr Gladwin, MI 48624

here are some pics from the 2008.5 event


Great Lakes Bash Fest 2008



On September 13th and 14th Outerwears was invited to take part in a grass roots basher event right in our own back yard.  Like many other industries and companies in America today, the concentration is on the premier events surrounding the premier drivers and builders.  Together with HPI Racing and Team GoNads, Outerwears wanted to take a moment and really be apart of an event that concentrated on a bunch of guys that just want to have fun for a weekend and share the pride in their R/C vehicles with other guys who understand them.  Not to mention a bunch guys who are not afraid to absolutely demolish their vehicles and anything that stands in their way.



The weekend called for rain on both days of the event, so the members of the Great Lakes Bash Fest got together and moved the event indoors.  That’s right indoors, if monster trucks can run in ice arenas so can Bajas.  So the event was moved to an ice arena located in Gladwin , Michigan , about 20 minutes away from the original location.  The last minute decision was the right call as the rain poured in all weekend.  However, it did leave a lot of set up work for the events they had scheduled.  These guys worked together into the morning hours setting up a rock crawling course, a drifting course, and long jump event, and of course a Baja bash. This Baja bash included a fifteen minute Baja shootout were the HPI Baja 5B would have its durability, speed, and handling put to the ultim ate test.




When the doors opened on Saturday morning, people of all ages were coming in.  Guys were running anything from electric 18th scale to 10th scale crawlers, 8th scale nitro buggies, and electric drifters; to the big 1/5th scale Baja 5Bs.  The guys from the Great Lakes Bash Fest did a great job at providing a fun, “run whatch ya brung” atmosphere and a lot of people took advantage of it.  Some guys brought everything they had.



We saw just about everything the R/C world has to offer. Coupled with giveaways from Team GoNads, Outewears, Bu Ku, DDM, Turtle Racing, Trinity and HPI Racing helped out as a sponsor all throughout the day, these guys were in Basher heaven all weekend.





Not knowing what this event was going to bring, we were excited and rejuvenated about the R/C industry when we left.  We met a bunch great guys, had some good food provided by Bronco Bill, broke a bunch of stuff and shared a lot laughs. We were genuinely honored to be apart of an event that anyone at anytime can take apart of and have some good, clean, safe fun for a weekend.  Thanks to all the guys at Great Lakes Bash Fest, events like this one and Bashers all around the country make the R/C world go round. 



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